What you are Supposed to Write on a Graduation Card


After struggling with your studies either at certificate level, diploma level, degree, or master’s level, there is a need to celebrate since you got a privilege to complete. To celebrate your victory and honor the individual who assisted you through the difficult times, you can decide to create a graduation card. However, Mixbook is a platform that can assist you in designing a good graduation card. According to research, custom graduation cards should contain information that is relevant to the celebration. Below are messages your graduation card should have.

Messages to include in a graduation greeting card

A graduation card should be short and brief. The message you want to pass to friends, family members, and the young generation should be understandable. First, there are some basic requirements you should consider before writing your card. You should choose a paper texture that can last for a long time before wearing out. Trim your card to give it shape and a nice look. If you have no idea about trimming, Mixbook Company can help. Finally, choose the card orientation and size. You can make it a landscape or portrait where the size can be medium. After the card is designed, you can now include your text message you want to share with people. Some of these messages include;

·   A congratulation message. The main purpose of a graduation card is to honor and thank you for making it through school. You can write phrases like “Congratulations, you made it” or “congrats, it’s a battle well fought.”  Make sure that the congratulation message is written in a good font and style.

·   Honor messages. In the graduation card, it is good to honor and cheer those who played a part and supported you during your education. First, start with your parents, brothers, and sisters for the support they gave you. Say something like, “thank you, mom and dad, for your encouraging words. It’s because of you I am here”. Also, honor all the other third-party members who contribute. You can mention them if possible. 

·   Educational and wise quote. Educational and wise quotes make a graduation card sound more impressive and encouraging. You can get these quotes from the internet or the library. However, you can contact your best friends who made it with you to assist you with some quotes. Examples of quotes include;

1. “You are educated. Your certificate is in your degree. You may think of it as a ticket to a good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change your world. —-Tom Brokaw”

2. “ Whatever we learn from pressure will never be forgotten.— Alfred Mercier”

3. “ Education will make you difficult to be driven but easy to lead: easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.— Henry Peter ”

Many people use graduation-greeting cards to communicate and honor people. Through them, people see victory, sacrifice, and commitment. For a well-designed graduation card, visit the Mixbook website platform, and you will enjoy it.