Infiniti is an expensive car brand and if you’re going to be investing that much money in a car, you should do everything possible to protect that investment. Warranties are the simplest way of doing so, but we will show you in this article how the basic standard warranty offered by Infiniti is lacking and why you should consider buying extended warranties from Infiniti.



Under the basic standard warranty, your car has basic coverage for four years or 60000 miles, whichever comes first. Your emission control coverage is five years or 50000 miles, and your powertrain coverage is for six years or 70000 miles. Finally, there is corrosion coverage for seven years and seat belt coverage for ten years, without any limitations on mileage.

However, the main coverage to keep an eye on, have to do with the critical components of your engine, which include the powertrain and emission control systems. Statistically, issues with these components pop up after the 70000-mile mark and considering the basic standard warranty lapses at that mark, you are without any coverage if an issue were to come up.

Costs for repairs for critical components range in the thousands and if you don’t have any protection when it is most needed, the basic standard warranty is rendered useless.


Under the Infiniti extended warranty, your car gets a significant bump-up in coverage as than 1650 components are covered for eight years or 120000 miles, whichever comes first. In addition, you’ll enjoy other benefits including free towing, roadside assistance, and car rental coverage as well.


The price of an extended warranty would fall somewhere in the $2000 range, but specific prices would depend on the state and city that the dealership you’re purchasing from is located in. Considering you’ve already paid a massive sum of money for your brand new Infiniti, another $2000 seems very little.

However, if paying out of pocket is not a feasible option, then customers have the option to opt for a financing plan. With 0% interest, customers will have the option to pay the $2000 in 12 or 18 monthly installments. This does make the facility a lot more affordable and allows you to protect your car in the process.


In addition to protecting your car and the money you’ve paid to purchase it, the extended warranty offers other significant benefits. With so many perks including free towing, roadside assistance, and car rental coverage, if you were to experience an unfortunate event you would have a lot of help, which would reduce your stress levels significantly.

Also, you are saved from the grief of having to find a reliable and cost-effective mechanic, which is an impossible task in of itself. If your car has any issues, you just need to drive to your closest Infiniti service center and drop it off for repairs. Qualified and company-approved mechanics would be working on your car and you won’t have to worry about paying as you’re covered under the extended warranty. 

Your car’s resale value also goes up as potential buyers would be assured of the fact that the car has been worked on by authorized personnel and the records would be up to date and accurate.