Why do people lie


As know, there exist different types of lies. Even though non of them are considered to be good nor acceptable, there still exist ones that are way less dangerous than the others. Such lies, that we actually use and hear on daily basis, are called white lies. A perfect example of white lie would be telling your father you really enjoyed the meal he prepared. The ugly truth of this very example would be that you absolutely hated it. However, your intention behind it was to be kind and make your father feel good, therefore sometimes it is believed that such lies are much needed.

On the other hand, there exist lies you absolutely should avoid. Such lies are the ones you use in order to make someone feel bad about something or even about himself. More often than not, the people tend to use such lies in order to even save themselves from something or someone. However, telling the truth, even if it is an unwilling one, is always a better idea.


The main reason why one should avoid telling lies is that there are always huge possibilities for the other person to discover the truth. Once you get caught in a lie you lose the value in the other people’s eyes. That’s because the people, more often than not, don’t care about the subject of the lie. What they pay closer attention and get disappointed by is the person lying to them.

There are several reasons what makes the people lie that often:

Lack of confidence

The people suffering from low self-confidence tend to lie more than any other types of people. They pretend to be something they are not in order to impress, very often though, people they don’t even like. They are the type of people who can’t go a day without telling something even they don’t believe in. The reason behind this is that they think it will make them feel better about themselves. That’s true, however, it is a short lasting effect. At the end of the day they are conscious they actually lie themselves for pretending to be something they are not.


In order to avoid conflicts

What other type of people do is, they prefer telling lies over getting in conflicts. They agree with whatever the other person says or does and that’s how they play on the safer side. Sometimes they even hate giving explanations, therefore prefer to be misunderstood over than being right.


They have no courage to tell the truth

At the beginning everyone looks confident, at least a little bit. However, this image can be broken once the person has to speak about something he has done or said. It is then when their courage fails. Having no courage to tell the truth, they tell lies and think that that’s how they save themselves. This is yet another example that this is true, however, the question that follows is, how long does this lasts.



There are plenty of other reasons why do people lie. This seems to be a never ending list. Regardless of the reason, the lies should be avoided as much as possible. At least that’s how you are going to be honest in front of you always. Then let the people believe what they want.