Why Do We Feel Good After Massage?


A massage session begins feeling good the very moment you enter the room even before the therapist finds his or her way into the room. If you have ever been into a massage session then you definitely get my point. That moment when you are alone in the dark listening to your favorite music and some amazing scents in the room is enough to give you total satisfaction. Once the massage starts, everything becomes so cool and it is like you are in another world out of all the troubles in the world. The touch by the therapist feels so good that I really don’t have the words to explain. I have to say that not all massage sessions will give you the feeling am trying to describe here, to get the best out of a massage session, you need to hire a massage therapist. My first massage session felt so good that from there I kept on going back again and again. I tried asking my friends who had been receiving massage longer than me, and no one really had a good explanation why My Home Therapy massage felt so good. I made it my mission to find out why and I did actually found out and I want you to know why a therapist touch is so satisfying too.


The awareness of your body shifts.

That moment that you settle on the massage table everything starts revolving around that room. How do I put it? Like your sole focus is the room, you even focus on how you breathe in and breath out, letting all the stress pass by. You don’t even feel like there are other things going on in your life. That state that you find yourself in is called mindfulness. This is a state which brings your attention to a situation that you are in at the moment. This helps regulate your emotions and it also boost the awareness of your body. When you are in the state of mindfulness the insula as well as the prefrontal cortex (brain parts associated with your emotions) becomes a little bit less active which makes your body less reactive. It allows you to put your emotions aside and just concentrate on the current experience. Which makes feel so good during and after the massage session.

The brain releases the “feel good” chemicals.

Most of you must have already heard about the feel good chemicals which makes you feel happier. A therapist touch will cause an immediate effect on your brain. That very moment the therapist’s hand touches your skin and applies a little bit pressure, the endorphins or commonly known as the feel good chemicals are released by your brain which in turn boosts our mood and of course makes you feel good. Because of the mood boost, the stress causing hormones (cortisol) begin to reduce which contribute even more to the feeling good benefit.

In addition to feeling good, a massage session has more to offer. If you have any pains or aches and you receive a massage, the feel good chemicals will help reduce the pain by blocking the pain signals from sending the message to the brain. And also if you had pain out of rigorous work out or anything like that, a sports massage will help you reduce the pain and also help heal even faster. This is because massage reduces inflammation that is caused by working out and engaging in active sporting activities. It has also been confirmed that massage increases cell repair making one heal faster. So you have any pain and you go for a massage session you can get why it will feel good.

Your brain responds to scents and aromas in a massage room.

Have ever heard of aromatherapy? Well if you haven’t you need to visit a massage therapist and you will get to know all about it. Many massage therapists are using aromatherapy during the massage sessions by applying essential oils on your skin which excellently complement the touch of the therapist making you feel even better. The essential oils have a very good scent and they actually stimulates some specific activity in your brain. Some essential oils like grapefruit oil encourage production of neurotransmitters which actually works as natural painkillers. The essential oils also encourages the production of serotonin which makes you feel calm. The essential oils also promotes the release of the feel good chemicals as well as promote relaxation and help you have a good quality sleep.

A massage session makes your body and the mind to function even better.

When you are all worked out the thing that can help you feel better is definitely a massage session. I am going to give an example so that you can get the point am trying to drive home. When we are working in an office we tend to be in our desks sometimes for even more than 12 hours. Because of less exercise and being in the same posture for a long time, out muscles shortens which contributes to strain injuries from time to time. Also your muscles feels tired and no matter how many baths you take sometimes it can’t possibly deal with all the fatigue. This is where a massage session comes in. The pressure that a therapist will apply on your skin and body will improve the circulation of blood in your body which will release all the cell wastes way faster than how the body releases naturally. The massage therapy session will also relax the tense muscles that you had because of being on your desk for long hours and when you are leaving the session you will be feeling so much better.

There are so many things that explains why a massage therapy feels so good and if you have never had a massage session in your life, it is the high time you try it and experience on of the best feeling in the world.