Why is my hot water system leaking?


As a matter of fact, hot water systems do drip water, especially during hot summer days and this is for regulating pressure inside the water tank and preventing it from getting over-pressurized. But this is only an occasional drip and if you find that your water heating system is dripping continuously it is not normal and you are a serious problem at hand. 

Under no circumstances a leaking water heating system should be lightly taken for the dripping water can cause damage to the flooring and also to other items present in the utility area. If the water system is leaking from the bottom, you should take immediate care of it for the situation will only turn worse with time and more expensive repairs will be required. There is professional and experienced Plumbers Sydney who can help you the best in such a situation. 

Below are some of the most prominent reasons behind a leaking water heating system – 

  • Fault in temperature and pressure relief valve: The temperature and pressure relief valve is responsible for preventing excess pressure buildup inside the water tank and is a safety feature installed on almost all hot water systems. There is a tube in the valve through which excess pressure from inside the tank is released in form of occasional dripping. But a fault in the valve may result in continuous dripping even when pressure inside the tank is normal and in such a situation you need to call your plumbing service provider in order to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. 
  • Leaking drain valve: Another reason behind water heating system leaking is fault or leak in the drain valve. The purpose of the valve is to help in easy maintenance and used for draining out water and sediments gathered at the bottom of the tank at the time of cleaning and maintenance. Leaking drain valve is a common issue with hot water systems and can be easily replaced by a professional plumber expert in Hot water repair jobs. 
  • Internal tank leak: This is perhaps the most found reason behind a leaking hot water system. If water is leaking from the bottom of the tank itself and not through the valves then it is very much possible that the tank itself has suffered some structural damage and leaking water from the bottom. Sediment deposition at the bottom of the tank due to lack of regular maintenance do result in such damages and that is why flushing out the tank once every six months and getting the sediments removed is a much-required maintenance.
  • Gradual aging: Like all appliances hot water systems to have a certain life expectancy period and as they reach that period, they start developing problem and leaking is the most common of those. If the hot water system at your home is leaking and it is also close to end its expected life span then it might be a better idea to get it replaced by a newer energy efficient model. 

Whatever be the reason behind a leaking water heating system you should be consulting your professional plumbing service for they are best equipped for handling the situation.