Why Many Like Migrating To Singapore And Becoming PR


Singapore has all along been a hot spot for people to migrate to, and this is the case for people from all around the world. Here are some of the reasons why many people do this, and even apply for a Singapore permanent residence while they are at it. If you are seeking something like this too for you and your family, just make sure that when you are applying for a permanent residence in SG, make sure to plan for it in advance or contact a professional immigration agency for PR applications in Singapore. This is because while the PR application process may not necessarily be complicated in SG, the approval process can prove to be very difficult in recent years, and especially over the last decade.


Firstly, one of the biggest reasons both Asians and Westerners love migrating to Singapore is because Singapore is truly an international city, with people of all races and religions living harmoniously in the same place. Therefore, no matter what race or religion you are, integrating into Singapore’s society is not difficult, and you will not stand out like a sore thumb versus if you had migrated to a different country. Assimilating into the local society is very easy no matter where you are from. That is why new and successful Singapore PR applicants tends to be made up of immigrants of all kinds of backgrounds.

Secondly, Singapore has some of the best educational and schooling systems in one of the safest environments in the world. Parents with young children would definitely be concerned about their children’s education and safety all the time. This is why they migrate and apply for Singapore PR because that will allow their children to benefit from a safe and top tier schooling environment. The best part of all? Even the public schools which are cheap for citizens and permanent residents can be world class if your children enter the best ones – this is according to their academic performances and merit.

Thirdly, SG has one of the lowest tax rates in the world – both for corporations as well as for personal income. This is a very attractive thought for people who are used to living in socialist or highly taxed countries at the moment, and want to escape to somewhere where they can legally pay less taxes, while enjoying a high standard of modern living at the same time.

Fourthly, there are lots of work opportunity in the country nowadays. While Singapore used to be known only for its shipping industries many decades ago, now job seekers in many industries will be able to find opportunities in Singapore easily now. This is because over the decades, Singapore has managed to attract foreign corporations as well as grow home grown entrepreneurs in many different business industries. There are many tech companies, finance companies and more which are constantly hiring in SG. Keep in mind though that due to local regulations, they tend to give a lot more priority to citizens and permanent residents first – which is another reason why you should be a Singapore PR if you truly intend to stay in Singapore for the long term!