Why to Invest in a Mini in 2019?


Minis have never been more popular. Despite satisfying millions of road users over a plethora of years, the vehicle is still moving from strength to strength. Year on year it builds on its successes and learns greatly from its shortcomings, and now everything has been coming to a bombastic head in 2019.

Companies such as Peter Vardy keep the mini brand going strong and steady, delighting customers everywhere. For fans of the vehicle, excitement is building to fever pitch levels.


Put simply, there’s no better time to invest in a mini than right now in 2019. Here’s why.

It’s Classic

Most people love a mini, and at the very least, everybody knows the brand. In 1989, a BBC documentary described the mini has the world’s favourite small car on the eve of its 30th anniversary. They’re iconic – the pinnacle of compact and affordable motor travel. The mini is stylish and trendy, but not flashy and extravagant. It’s that modest, underdog motor every road user has come to know and love, and to own would be a very special thing indeed.

What’s better; driving some generic vehicle that every driver could have, or cruising the roads in a car that has a touch of class and sophistication? What you sacrifice in room you more than make up for in aesthetics and efficiency, so really consider investing in a mini in 2019. They’ve been around for all this time and they’re still going strong; what could you be missing out on here?

Evolving Iterations

What’s classic is often wrongly misinterpreted as being stagnant or dull. Once the formula for a car has been worked out and the faults ironed out too, many assume that there’s no room for growth or development from then on. Well, in the case of the mini, most people would be very wrong!

Those behind the design and crafting of the mini are still innovating. They offer one of the few hatchbacks to have gone fully electric, featuring batteries that lower the car’s centre of gravity. Each iteration of the car evolves with the times. They come with all the latest bells and whistles;8.8inch navigational systems, LED headlights, park distance control, etc. Just because they’re a classic car, it certainly doesn’t mean they’ve fallen behind with the times.

Handling and Fun

Some see driving as a chore, others view it as a passion, and others as a chance to show off and get cocky. You can distinguish these three types of road users across many ways, but a big one is too simply look at what they’re driving as well as how they’re driving. If the driver is in a mini, the roads are a place of great joy and confidence for whoever is behind the wheel. Is that the kind of driver you want to be?

Put simply, small cars absolutely communicate good character, especially when it comes to the mini. Owners tend to be the quirkier, more fun-loving of individuals, rather than apprehensive or overconfident when navigating the roads. Smaller cars also handle better too, and so the mini offers a leisurely driving experience to anyone lucky enough to own one. If you want to wind your way to wherever you go with a pinch of charismatic charm in 2019, the mini is for you!