Wonderful Planter Benches You Will Love To Have In Your Yard


Benches are a must-have for every outdoor space. They can be found in versatile designs, sizes and shapes. Some of them can even have a storage space which makes them quite functional. And yet there are even some benches that are a combo of seating and place for growing plants. These planter benches are great addition for the outdoors and they have become quite popular recently.

Planter benches can be found in versatile designs. You can either buy some, or even try to make some on your own. Often these benches have seating and boxes on the side to place any pots inside. The boxes can be on both sides, or maybe even on just on one side. Such planter benches are perfect for some small yards or front porches, where you don’t really have a space to place the two of them separately. And yes, they look quite decorative, which is why they are becoming quite popular choice nowadays. Scroll down now to see our collection of planter benches and get inspired to add some in your yard too. Enjoy!

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Wonderful Planter Benches

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As you can notice, planter benches can be quite versatile. Depending one the size and shape of the planter boxes, you can place different pots inside of them. And yes, you can grow versatile plants in these planters. You can even grow some bushes or low-growing trees in them.

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Most often these benches are wooden ones. But still there are some that can feature a wooden seating and concrete built-in planters. You can even place some lighting fixtures behind or above them to accentuate their beauty. And although planter boxes are often set on the sides of the bench, there could be even benches with built-in planters behind the bench, stretching from one side to another.

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Planter Benches
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So, which one from the above planter benches did you like the best? Tell us in the comments and do not hesitate to add some such benches in your yard too. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other decor ideas for your outdoor space.