Your Household Chores Workout


Time is so valuable. Truly, there’s not enough time in the day to do everything you’d like to accomplish. Sometimes you have to choose to do one activity over the other. Yes, it’s not fair but it’s the cold, hard truth. 

But sometimes we luck out and are able to accomplish two things with one activity. For any homeowner that’s ever had to reluctantly choose household chores over going to the gym, you can now rejoice as these cleaning tasks are providing their own type of workout!

You’ll be truly surprised looking at the infographic below at how many calories you’re burning doing routine household chores like cleaning windows, laundry (that one may surprise you the most), decluttering, vacuuming, etc. 

Should you cancel your gym membership? Probably not. But at least in those instances where you have to choose cleaning over lifting weights or doing the spin class, you can be assured you’re still doing activities that help you keep fit. You could always find ways to intensify the workout you’re getting from these cleaning tasks. For instance, add a little Zumba to your vacuuming or run your stairs with a full laundry basket in your hands. 

Collectively, you’ll burn over 2,000 calories per week doing these routine chores and you can add an additional 1,000 calories for tasks not included in this list like gardening, landscaping, washing the cars, etc. 

Check out the infographic and get cleaning!