10 Surprising Uses Of Silica Gel You Wish You Knew Earlier


When you buy a new pair of shoes, a new bag, a laptop case etc., you often get a pack of silica gel, that you instinctively tend to toss it away since you don’t find it useful. But guess what, this tiny bags can be actually very useful and will help you in many unpredictable situations.

Silica gel is actually packed as beads in a small paper bag and as such is used as desiccant to control local humidity, to avoid spoilage or degradation of some goods. They are great for absorbing moisture and keeping things dry. So, in case there are some spots in your home that may get excess moisture, you should use these bags. Another uses for silica gel can be:

  • to keep underwater camera dry
  • to dry out a wet cell phone
  • to protect your razor
  • for wet vacation clothes
  • to protect old photos
  • to protect seeds
  • to prevent windows from condensation
  • for bulk pet food
  • for pumpkins
  • for drying flowers

The following video features all of these uses, so check it out and choose how you will use those silica gel bags.

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