Get Comfortable in your Winter Home using the Danish Art of Hygge


In the darkest and dreariest of winters, it is nearly impossible to find a place of tranquility. With your house look more like a cold dead dungeon, you’d certainly waste your winters tucked inside blankets most of the time. Let’s take the idea of making our winter homes lively from the Danes. They are often deemed the happiest people in the world. The credit goes to their concept of Hygge!

The Danish art of Hygge focuses on taking pleasure in life’s simple delights like the love of close relations and graciousness. The feeling of composure you get when you huddle up in a furry blanket, read a fine book, sip on hot chocolate on a cold rainy day or listen to soothing music, is all what Hygge is about.

To incorporate the art of Hygge in your life, you have to indulge yourself in heart-warming activities, but most importantly create a warm atmosphere around you. This can easily be achieved by redecorating your house with soul-stirring textures and furnishings. Baytree Interiors, UK’s largest stockist of interior accessories will help you customize your home perfectly. They have also been generous providing us guidance on redecorating winter homes using the Danish art of Hygge.

Add Natural Materials and Textures to your Rooms

The whole point of adding natural materials and textures to your home is to get all the charm and warmth of a rustic dwelling with the conveniences and style of a modern home. Materials such as fur, wood, jute and linen are a key to bring the Hygge feel into your rooms. The use of open floor plan, natural architectural decorations, stone fireplace, wood covered ceilings, fluffy rugs and fur pillows has an informal elegance and comfort.

Use Neutral Colour Scheme

A neutral colour scheme such as brown, gray, white and cream will soothe your senses. The art of Hygge is associated with psychology. It’s your perspective of feeling things your way. Simply think of all the things that make you happy and integrate them into your house’s interior.

Use the Right Amount of Lighting

Lights radiate warmth in the real sense. To integrate the Hygge factor in your home décor, use candles, fairy lights, lamps, chandeliers, wall scones and lanterns. Decorative lights do not only look functional but aesthetic as well. However, illuminating your home too much will distract you from everything else. Make sure the lighting is mellow for a perfect Hygge-inspired interior.

Cook Wholesome Food

There’s nothing like the pleasure of having simple and delicious food. Invite your friends and family member to share smiles over a loaded pan of shepherd’s pie or a warm dish of casserole. Nothing will satisfy you more than spending quality time with your loved ones.

Adopt Tranquilising Hobbies

Hobbies are often thought of as activities for people who lead quiet, relaxed lives. They include reading a good book, maintaining your garden, baking delicious food, listening to quality music and slow dancing. These activities bring lots of benefits that are worth the time you spend on them. Crafting hobbies are a nice source of eustress (healthy stress) and can release your worries. Such petty activities provide you the Hygge feel you need to rejoice your life.