10 Tips for Camping in the Outback


The Australian outback was surely made for camping, an extensive world full of surprises, spectacular scenery and the perfect tranquil conditions for camping. This will be an experience of a lifetime; an experience not easily forgettable. Other than having an oz tent rv5, there are several things you need to do right, to make the best of your time in the Outback. Here are some tips you’ll find helpful as you plan your camping trip.

Avoid Travelling Mid-Winter

While Mid-winter happens to be the most popular time for Outback travel, it is not the only option. The temperatures are more comfortable during this time, but some of the highly popular areas are usually crowded. You can consider travelling the outback in the shoulder season. Travelling during the summer is also a great option.

Be Prepared For Long Distances

Distances between the Outback towns are usually long, so are the distances between fuel pumps. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a scorching summer Outback day without enough fuel to get you to your destination. Make sure you carry more than enough fuel to avoid the frustrations.

Take Enough Water

The temperatures can rise to the extreme, and you will need lots of water to avert dehydration. Allow at least six litres of water for each person per day. Carry the water in several small containers as they are easier to pack and lift.

Carry the Fly Nets

While the fly nets won’t win you any awards, they will save your sanity. Ensure you don’t leave home without them. If you don’t have them, then be ready to use your jumpers, t-shirts, or tea towels to swat the thousands of flies flying around your head.


There is poor mobile phone coverage in the outback, and your mobile phone won’t be of much help. You can consider getting a UHF radio or satellite phone if you are planning to be away for a considerable length of time.

Emergency and First-Aid Kits

For health and safety, a mini first-aid kit is essential as accidents may occur, and if you are far away from a hospital or doctor, the kit will come in handy. Some of the managed holiday parks and campsites will have a qualified first-aider on-site, but you shouldn’t take any chances.

Proper Camping Gear

Other than the insects, snakes are a common pest in the Outback. Ensure that your tent features an integrated floor, and the window has a mesh. The rV5 tent can be very suitable.

Early Starts

There are days when temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius. The best way to enjoy sightseeing to the maximum without expiring is to get up very early. This way, you’ll be able to do all you want before the day becomes too hot and tiring.

Be Aware of the Surroundings

This refers to every direction around you. Also, keep noise to the minimum, lest you frighten or disturb the wildlife. Relish the scenery and the tranquility of your surroundings.

Take Nothing but Pictures

It’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t remove anything from nature. You are also not supposed to feed the animals. Likewise, do not disturb them at all. Always take your garbage with you when leaving the camp site, and ensure to dispose of it properly.


Touring the Outback can seem overwhelming, but when you are prepared, it is really a place of magnificence, peace, and self-discovery. Having the right tent, like the oz tent rv5, is also a big plus. You can get OZtent rv5 for sale online at Malandy.