10 Travel Must-Haves to Ensure You Stay Safe Abroad


Travelling is one of the best forms of education as not only does it allow you to experience different geographical locations and climates, it also enables you to immerse yourself in new and intriguing cultures. Each part of the globe is fascinating in its own unique way, but if you do fancy grabbing your backpack and heading on an adventure, don’t forget to stay safe.

Your health is of paramount importance, so here are 10 travel must-haves that will help keep you safe and sound:

  1. Hand sanitiser

When travelling, there’s a high chance you’ll come into contact with an array of germy surfaces so be sure to buy hand sanitiser from the likes of Brosch Direct and use it periodically to kill any nasties.

  1. Bandages

Off the beaten track? Far from a hospital? Then a bandage might save your life. Wrapped tightly around an open wound they can prevent severe blood loss and are well worth popping in your bag – particularly if you love partaking in physically demanding activities where injuries are likely.

  1. Insect repellent

Creepy crawlies that bite and sting are prevalent in many parts of the world which is why insect repellent is a must. Travel sprays are readily available and should be at the top of any traveller’s to-buy list.

  1. Malaria tablets

While we’re on the subject of bugs, mosquitos can carry malaria, so it’s important to take antimalarial meds if you’re visiting a country where this disease is widespread. You’ll find country-specific information and malaria maps online for your convenience.

  1. Mosquito nets

Another way to protect yourself against these potentially life-threatening insects is to sleep underneath a mosquito net. These can be bought cheaply online or in health stores and fold up into tiny bags which means they won’t take up much space in your luggage.

  1. Rehydration salts

If you’re venturing to an extremely hot, dry climate, it might be a good idea to pack rehydration salts as they’ll keep your body in tip-top shape – particularly if you plan on doing lots of physical activity in soaring temperatures.

  1. Sun cream

There are many ways to protect yourself from the sun, but applying sun scream with a high SPF will prevent your skin from burning. You should also stay out of the midday sun, wear light, long-sleeved clothing and pop sunglasses on to shield your eyes from the sun’s dangerous rays.

  1. Carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer as it has no colour, taste or smell. Faulty electrical equipment can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, so whether you’re staying in a hotel or a caravan, either make sure there is a carbon monoxide detector already installed or take one abroad with you.

  1. Fire alarm

Similarly, you should always make sure your accommodation is fitted with a fire alarm – or carry one with you just to be one the safe side.

  1. Mobile phone

No matter where you’re going in the world, try to keep a mobile phone on you just in case you need to contact a friend, relative or travel guide in an emergency. Make sure it has credit, even if it means using a local credit provider or phone card and keep your device well charged.

Travelling is a fantastic experience but you must keep yourself safe at all times.