11 Awesome Ways To Repurpose Old Garden Hoses


If you think that the garden hose can not be used in other ways than its primary use, keep on reading because we are going to prove that you are wrong. We have chosen 11 Awesome Ways To Repurporse Old Garden Hoses and some of them will definitely surprise you.

Yes, once you find the garden hose no longer useful, don’t throw it away but think of how you can turned it into something useful. The following ideas are just some of the many possible ways of how to reuse garden hoses and you don’t need to have any special skills to do them. Check them out and choose what you are going to do with that old garden hose.

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Rubber Hose Lounge Chair

If you are missing a chair in your backyard, try to make some out of wood and garden hose. The hose should be a rubber one, so that the chair can be more comfortable. Find out how to do it on the link below the photo.

rubber hose chair
Full tutorial: instructables.com

Recycled Hoses Into Garden Mat

Garden hoses can be repurporsed into garden mat too. The more hoses you use, the bigger the mat will be.

recycled hoses into garden mat
Photo via: recyclart.org

Garden Hose Wreath

You can also use a garden hose to make a beautiful wreath and thus welcome the spring into your home.

garden hose wreath
Photo via: misskopykat.blogspot.com

Garden Hose Basket

A garden hose can be also turned into a functional basket that you can use for storing some vegetables.

garden hose basket
Photo via: hgtvgardens.com

Repurposed Garden Hose For A Chair

Here is one more idea of how to use a garden hose to create a comfortable chair.

repurpose garden hose chair
Photo via: greenupgrader.com

Garden Hoses Turned Into Stepping Stones

If you are missing some stepping stones in the garden, you can make some out of garden hose.

garden hose stepping stone
Photo via: blog.bcsands.com.au

Recycled Garden Hose Dresser

You can also cut the garden hose into pieces and use them as part of dresser doors.

recycled garden hose furniture
Photo via: freshome.com

Garden Hose Flower Art

Flowers are the best decor for any garden. Besides growing them you can create some interesting flower art decorations out of some old stuff, for instance out of several garden hoses.

garden hose flower art
Photo via: beeskneesbungalow.com

Garden Hose And Plate Flower Art

Or you can also add some plates to the hoses and make the flower art even more interesting.

garden hose and plate flower art
Photo via: thriftyrebelvintage.com

Garden Hose Flower Pot

If you are missing a flower pot, you can make some out of an old garden hose.

Yellow pansies in black coiled hose pot
Photo via: craftsalamode.com

Garden Hose Mat

And the last idea on our list for today is of how to turn a garden hose into a mat for the front door.

garden hoses mat
Photo via: thediyadventures.com

So, how would you choose to repurporse the old garden hoses? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find many other ideas of how you can repurpose the things that you already have at home.