11 Unique Things To Have In Your Living Room


With these 11 unique things, you can transform your living room from just ordinary to extraordinary. Of course, having the things themselves is not enough. You also need to know where to set them just right for the best effect.


But first … the things

Include a personal item

Unique does not get any better than using a personal item to enhance the interior décor of your living room. Some people love displaying family photos, others have a small trophy chest where they put all the trophies that they have won on display. Personal item means something that belongs to members of the family.

Floor to ceiling drapes

Drapes are a big feature inside your living room. Thus, you should make sure that they accentuate the colors in the room. Since they are meant to block light and offer privacy, bold colors are much better than lighter colors. At the same time, a combination of bold and light color works.

Your TV

Your living room should definitely have a TV. You rest in your living room, so that is where you want to catch your entertainment. It is advisable to go for a slim TV and a slim wall mounting. That way, the TV looks as if it is lying flat against the wall.

Indoor plant

Some greenery in the house can bring a transformation in the looks. It can also bring a dose of fresh oxygen in the house. If you think the pot looks a bit bland, insert it in a basket, or decorate it with a coat of paint.


Mirror mirror on the wall

By an antique mirror or any other mirror whose purpose is decoration. Small and round is better, something that you can lean against the mantelpiece. Framed, odd-shaped mirrors work very well all the time.

Floor rug

There is no need to have an exquisitely decorated living room but have your feet on a cold floor all the time. A soft rug covering all the sitting area should keep you and your guests quite warm, all the time.

A Piano

It does not have to be a grand piano, but if you can get it, the transformation would be out of this world. Buy a piano, not because you play, but because of its sentimental value and effect. Place the piano and its stool behind the biggest couch in the room, but make sure there is enough space between the two. A piano adds quite the luxury touch in your living room. If you want decorate around your piano in the living room, here are some creative piano room ideas you can check out.

The books shelf with your favorites

First, get rid of the books with the frayed spines. Secondly, make the shelf medium-sized. Too big would be too bulky and too small would not capture attention. Arrange your favorite books. The kinds of books that you love tell people a lot about you.

A medium-sized tray

TV remotes have this bad habit of sneaking their way into the space behind the cushions of your couch. A good solution that is just as beautiful is a medium sized tray on your coffee table. That is where you will put the remotes and the other knickknacks.

Throw blanket

For those cold nights when you are catching your favorite episode on TV, you can use throw blankets. When done, fold them and drape them on the couch.

A coffee table

Do not go for the rectangular or square coffee table. Everyone expects you to get that! Be unique and try a round coffee table. No one likes sharp edges anymore.