Pixel – How To Decorate Your Blank Living Room With Some Stunning Wall Treatments


When you move into a new home you are facing lots of challenging situations when it comes to picking the right furniture pieces and using the best available space. Once you are done with that you may think that your job there is done, but then you face the empty windowless wall in the living room and you are clueless again.

Are you finding it hard to come to terms with a boring wall in the most frequently used room in the house? There are plenty of ways to add style and bring excitement to your living room. By incorporating some stunning art prints or other wall treatments you will be able to give your walls the attention they truly deserve. 

What is the best way to spruce up drab walls?

Wall art will help you personalize your room.

Some beautiful wall art pieces might be a great way to add a modern look to your space. To add instant art to your living room, choose complementary colors that complement the base shades in your room.

Wood may be used to add warmth.

Woodwork is an elegant improvement that also adds warmth. Depending on the scale, staining, and spacing of the paneling, it can skew contemporary or traditional.

Add Beautiful Stone.

No one can deny the allure of a stone-clad wall in any space. It instantly adds character and much-needed charm to a space. This wall treatment is also appropriate for kitchen backsplashes, making it a versatile option. Install a stone-clad wall behind your TV unit and see how your guests respond.

Think about turning it into a brick wall.

Exposed brick has long been a sought-after accent wall material in historic structures and lofts. The good news is that brick veneer has come a long way and can now be found in almost every theme, from modern to antique, at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Grab the paint.

Paint is the quickest way to revitalize a room, whether you choose a solid color to cover all four surfaces, a bright color for an accent wall, or an unusual visual effect, such as stripes. Bonus: It’s also the simplest finish to apply and adjust depending on your mood.

Add mirrors.

Mirrors, which reflect light and create the illusion of additional space, are the fastest way to make a room appear larger. A wall of mirrored frames adds a worldly patina as well as a sleek elegance.

Cover the wall with a wallpaper.

Wallpaper has undoubtedly grown since the time of our ancestors. With the textures and patterns, it has a lot of potential for adding dimension to a small room. Any wallpaper style can be used to produce a variety of atmospheres.

With these fascinating wall treatment ideas, you can breathe new life into your dull living room and turn it into a super modern and comfortable spot for the whole family! Do you already know what you are going to do with the empty wall in your living room?