15 quotes that will make you find the superhero inside you


The comic company “Marvel” was founded in 1939 by Martin Goodman. At the very beginning of its fundation it was know as “Timely Publications”. Since than all that Marvel does is making sure they make us smile and have a quality time. The world of Marvel presents us an innumerous different heroes and villains, therefore it is almost impossible for us to choose a favourite character as they are all special on one way or another. What’s good for us is that nowadays, besides the extraordinary comics, we can enjoy in the excellent movies they make with our much loved characters.

Each story we find by Marvel gives us a life lession that tries to teach us how to understand the other people’s behaviour in a certain situation. On the other hand it makes us think how would we react on a situation if we have had a super power. Everyone chooses for themselves whether they would like to see themself as a good character or rather as an evil, a villain. Therefore, take your special cover and warm up your brain because the following quotes will make you to either find the superhero in you, or give you a power to show off the worst in you, now that everything is in your hand.


“The power of this country it is not hidden in thebuildings made of brick and steel. Rather it is hidden in the hearts of the ones who have sworn to fightt untill the endf or its liberty!”  – Captain America

“If there is nothing but what we do in the world that we live in, then let’s, at least, give our best for it!” – Beta Ray Bill

“When you decide to be fearless you will find friends at unexpected places!” – Miss Marvel

“The door is much more than a simple door. It devides the person that you are from the person you might become. You don’t have to walk through it. You can, just as well, run.” – Franklin Richards

“The violence does not discriminate. It comes cold as a winter wind and it leaves you in cold that you can not take away.” – Derdevil

“The inteligence is a privilege that should be used for greater good of people.” – Dr. Octopus

“Just because someone stumbles and loses his track does not mean he can not be saved.” – Professor X.

“If you lock the beast, the beast might become furious!” – Wulverine

“There’s not a single person that can win every and each of the battles, but there shouldn’t exist a person that gives up even without trying to fight a battle.” – Peter Parker

“The faith is my sword. The truth is my shield. The knowledge is my armor.” – Steven Landing

“The world changes. Soon there will be only winners and winners. You are a good person with a kind heart. But it’s difficult for a good person to be a king.” – King T’Chaka

“The world is full of evil and lies, paind and death and you can not hide from it. You can only face it. The question is when will you face it, how will you react and who will you become.” – Phil Coulson

“Whatever it happens tomorrow, you must promise me one thing: that you will remain whoever you are. Not a perfect soldier but a good person.” – Captain America

“The heroes are made of the path that they’ve walked, not of the powers that they are blessed with.” – Iron Man