16 Functional And Stylish Hexagon Shelves You Need To See


Shelves are a essential part of our homes. We have them in different parts of the home, using them for storing books, vases, decorative centerpieces, kitchen utensils, beauty tools etc. They can be found in versatile styles, shapes and sizes. Some of them are plain and other can be quite eye-catching. So, if you are more into the eye-catching and bold style, you will for sure love this post. We have chosen several Functional and Stylish Hexagon Shelves that can inspire you to add such shelves into your home too.

Yes, Top Dreamers, as the title implies, hexagon shelves are perfect storage solutions but also great decorations for the plain walls. They can be quite versatile and you can either buy some or maybe even try to make some on your own. These shelves are often wooden, but you can also make some out of cardboard, baskets etc. And of course, you can either leave them as they are, or you can paint them in some other color to create a truly piece of art. Scroll down now to see the hexagon shelves that we have chosen for you today and choose to incorporate such shelves into your home too. Enjoy!

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Functional And Stylish Hexagon Shelves

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These shelves can be perfect choice for displaying some plants, books, vases and other decorative items. They can be spray painted with gold paint to make them look more expensive. Or, you can also paint them in two contrasting shades to make them look more eye-catching. And some of them can even have mirrored backs, making them look intriguing and incredibly useful.

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Hexagon shelves can be great wall decorations. You can make them look more eye-catching with the use of bold and vibrant colors. Like this one below, is made out of colorful hexagonal gift boxes and hexagonal mirrored tiles. Attach a gift box to the center of each mirror with the use of a double-sided wall mounting tape. It looks great, right?

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So, which one from the above hexagon shelves did you like the best? Would you choose to decorate the walls n your home with some such shelves? Tell us in the comments and of course, stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other decor ideas for your lovely homes.