3 Notable Celebrity & Brand Partnerships

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Anytime a brand can forge a partnership with the right celebrity for a product, success is usually on the horizon. Consumers place more faith in a product when their favorite singer, actor or athlete throws their support to the business and product. 

Since marketing began in the early days of television, characters on the program proudly used household products, foods and more, so it makes sense that the relationship evolved into one where a successful celebrity could have an even greater positive impact for promoting products and services. 

When marketing professionals define and focus on their brand objectives, consult industry experts and form a meaningful relationship with their desired celebrity, these partnerships pay off for everyone. 

Here are three successful celebrity and brand partnerships to show marketing teams how and why they work so well. 

1. Amy Poehler for Pure Leaf Tea 

Fans of the NBC television program “Parks and Recreation” will love getting a glimpse of Amy Poehler in Pure Leaf Tea spots, especially since her popular television series ended. People appreciate the warmth of her character and the actor’s sense of humor, so seeing her unique twist on classic fairy tales like “Hansel and Gretel” is a treat. Her introduction to the product is charming and not too hard-hitting, making it a pleasant-yet-prominent aside in the advertisement. The underlying message of the commercial spot, according to Digital Media Solutions, is to show that women do not have to always be agreeable, shown in Gretel’s insistence that she and Hansel not go to the creepy house and just spend the day in the woods enjoying nature and some tea. 

2. Martha Stewart for Uber 

The brand partnership between Martha Stewart and Uber is one most people might not have predicted. Some are still trying to figure out how it happened. The fact is that a bumpy first ride can make for interesting ride-shares, which is exactly how this unique business partnership started. Martha Stewart had a bad experience on an Uber ride and used her social cachet to rant on social media, shares Appreciation Engine. 

Uber took what many might consider a blow and turned it into an opportunity for both parties and launched the luxurious iteration of Uber called Uber Black, catering to those who want more than the quickest and least expensive route to work, home or dinner with friends. Uber signed Stewart to help make Uber Black feel prospective passengers understand that Uber Black will feel like a relaxing limo ride. Together, they have attracted those who appreciate Stewart’s nostalgia-inducing presence to enjoy an extravagant night out. 

3. Michael Jordan and Nike 

Over the years, Michael Jordan has captivated basketball and non-basketball fans with his natural talent on the court and his friendly personality off the court. It is no wonder Nike knew the public would love him and invest in his Air Jordan 1and countless other shoe line releases for decades. While Jordan already had a massive fan base in basketball, Nike helped launch him into the mainstream as a cultural icon. 

Not all celebrity and brand partnerships are a match made in heaven, but when they are right, they can develop into long-term relationships between the celebrity, brand and consumer.