3 Signs Your Furnace Is Struggling


If you want to get through a cold and snowy Calgary winter in one piece, having a working furnace is essential. It will help keep you warm and comfortable, no matter how chilly the weather is outside. 

If your furnace isn’t working properly, it’s important to reach out to an experienced company such as https://furnace-repair-calgary.ca to help you right away. If you have never owned your own home or had to worry about furnace maintenance, you may not be familiar with what to look out for. 

If that sounds like you, here are three signs that your furnace is struggling to work properly.

Your Heating Bill Is Higher Than Normal

One of the first and most obvious signs that your furnace isn’t working properly will be your heating bill. While the average heating bill in the U.S. is just slightly over $20 a month, yours will likely be a lot more if it is experiencing issues. In most cases, the role of a furnace is to keep your home at the temperature you selected. It will run until the temperature is reached, and then take a bit of a break once the home is the right temperature.

Unfortunately, if the furnace is on its last legs, it may struggle to get your home to this predetermined temperature. This will lead to it running a lot longer, which could drastically increase your heating bill every month. A bit of fluctuation is to be expected, of course, especially if you are using the furnace more often during the holidays, for example.

There Are Strange Noises Coming From the Furnace

In most cases, no furnace will be silent. There will be a bit of hum coming from it, especially if you are getting up close. However, there is a difference between the normal sounds of a working furnace and the sounds of one that is struggling. These could range from a variety of sounds including cracks, bangs, pops, or squeaks.

Noise coming from the furnace can mean a lot of things for a lot of different reasons. For this reason, it is a good idea to call in a professional. They will be able to investigate further to check what is wrong and what needs to be repaired or replaced.

The Pilot Light Is Yellow

One of the quickest and simplest ways to see if your furnace is working effectively is to check the pilot light. This is the small flame in the furnace that acts as an igniter when the furnace turns on and releases gas. In most cases, the flame should be blue, or at least appear mostly blue, although it can have a little yellow or red at the tip. Blue flame is hotter and has more oxygen, which makes it more effective at heating your home and igniting the gas in the furnace.

If the pilot light flame is yellow or red, it is a sign that something else, in addition to the gas, is being burned. This could be rust, oil or even something like carbon monoxide, which is poisonous. As you could imagine, this can be a real problem and if you notice the flame color is off, turn the furnace off and reach out to a professional.

Getting Your Furnace Back in Working Order

Whether your furnace is making strange noises, emitting a yellow pilot light or is causing increased heating costs, there are several ways to determine the efficiency and quality of your furnace. If you notice any of the issues mentioned here, or have other reasons to believe your furnace is failing, be sure to get it fixed as soon as possible so you are not left in the cold this winter.