4 Bathroom Upgrades to Increase Your Home’s Value


Do you want to improve your home’s appearance and value? Doing some upgrades to your bathroom is a great first step.

Upgrading your bathroom will make it more functional and it also makes it more attractive to potential buyers (if and when you ever put it on the market). Remodeling your bathroom may involve just updating or replacing the pieces in the bathroom, or a full renovation to use the space in your bathroom better.

Whether you want to just update the bathroom a little, or modify the whole room, here are some upgrade ideas you can do to make your home more valuable.

Replacing the Shower or Bathtub

An old bathtub or shower is still going to look dirty no matter how much you scrub it. Replacing a bathtub or shower when it reaches that point makes your bathroom look cleaner and fresher. Be creative about it and find a bathtub or shower that works well and looks great in your bathroom.

If you’re buying a full shower then consider getting one that uses textured tile, has built in shelves, and a glass door for a sleeker appearance. You can customize the bathtub or shower by using different materials. Choose additional special features and fixtures for your tub or shower to add some elegance and appeal to your new bath or shower.

Upgrading the bathroom is also important if you live with older members of your family. You may wish to add safety bars to your shower and toilet, use non-slip tiles on the floor, and lowering the height of counters. These are design aspects that increase the functionality of your bathroom and add value to your home.

Replacing the Vanity Counter, and Sink

Just replacing a vanity and counter can breathe new life into your bathroom and give you more space. Throw in a matching sink to make it perfect.

Consider using the new vanity and counters to improve the storage space in your bathroom. More simple and traditional bathrooms may always be in style but using a floating vanity gives a more modern look. Perhaps you’d rather use antique wood or white cabinets that look like furniture.

You can also improve the charm of your bathroom using tile and granite counters. If you have space in your master bathroom then think about putting in a second sink for his-and-hers. By choosing fresh fixtures you can accentuate the new sink and vanity in your bathroom.

Installing a new vanity, counter, and sink may be the perfect thing for your bathroom.

Installing Better Lighting

The bathroom is where you do most of the work when getting ready for work or a night out. You need to have good lighting to shave your face or put on makeup properly. Most bathrooms will use overhead lighting but this is not the most ideal source of lighting.

You can improve the lighting by using radiant lighting, such as installing light bars on the mirror. Using side lighting will provide more illumination than if the light was above your head. A popular way to improve lighting and to save money is to replace fluorescent light fixtures with LED ones. LED bulbs are more cost effective and environmentally friendly. They also last longer than other bulbs.

Modifying the Floor Plan

Fully remodeling the bathroom can add a lot of value to your home, but when you take such a drastic step like altering the layout of the bathroom you may need to relocate the plumbing and electrical systems.

You should always work with only experienced bathroom renovation contractors when you alter the floor plan of your bathroom. Doing so means that your project is managed properly, along with high quality craftsmanship. It also means that your project will be completely as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Renovating your bathroom is a great way to improve the value of your home and make the most out of your livable space. Consider undertaking one of these great bathroom ideas when you decide to upgrade your bathroom.