7 Bathroom Improvement Ideas to Increase The Value of Your Home


Believe it or not, you can add a lot of value to your bathroom with simple renovations. And they’ll not only make your bathroom nicer but they’ll help your house appreciate over time. 

So here are a few bathroom improvement ideas you can consider implementing, whether you have an old house or a brand new one:

  1. Update the vanity

Every bathroom needs a nice vanity. Consider replacing outdated fixtures and even adding an extra sink. A lot of people like double sinks these days because it means they don’t have to share as much space with others.

You can also update the countertop or add extra storage space underneath. But consider the countertop material carefully. Stone is nice because it’s durable, but it’s also more expensive. Marble is nice, but it’s more porous.

  1. Redo the tiling

Nice bathroom tiling can really draw people in. You can design cool mosaic patterns with them or include accent tiles. In the shower, you should opt for small, textured tiles that resist mold and stains. 

If you don’t want the tiles to draw too much attention, choose neutral colors and understated patterns.

  1. Install heated flooring

Heated flooring is nice on your feet. With it, you don’t have to walk on cold tile. It’s best to install heated flooring when building or renovating, and it’s not as expensive as you’d think—about $5 to $12 dollars per square foot. 

Tiles also tend to retain heat for a long time. So this makes heated flooring more efficient at keeping the room warm than central heating. 

  1. Upgrade the toilet

Not all toilets are created equal. Though we tend to take them for granted, there are actually several ways to upgrade your toilet to improve your bathroom experience. 

You can get a toilet with a hidden tank, where the water storage fits inside the wall. This saves space and gives your toilet a more modern look. Or get a low-flow toilet that uses less water so you can save on your utility bill. 

Or you can get a bidet that everyone will envy. It’s a common bathroom appliance that sprays you with water after using the toilet so you can clean yourself. It’s more hygienic and cost-efficient than toilet paper, and it’s better for the environment, too.

  1. Expand the shower

Another way to upgrade your bathroom is by expanding the shower. Large, spacious showers are becoming more and more popular. You might even install a small bench inside the shower so people can shave their legs more easily. 

Or add a big showerhead. You can get some that have multiple spray settings and functions to give your shower a spa feel. Or get a low-flow showerhead to save on water. 

If you need to replace the tub to expand the shower, do it. These days, tubs aren’t as much of a necessity. Most people would much rather have a bigger shower. But it’s up to you.

  1. Update the lighting

Enhance the look and feel of your bathroom with improved lighting. Consider adding dimmers to the main lights. This will help you adjust the lighting to the right mood and will make your bathroom more modern.

  1. Put a window in the shower

Finally, consider installing a window in the shower. This will let in more natural light and help you air out the room after you shower. Sure, ventilation fans can help do this, but windows also let in fresh air. Just make sure to get frosted glass for privacy. 

Final Tips

Whether you implement one or all of these renovations, it’ll boost your bathroom’s value. Just make sure the style stays cohesive and stick to neutral fixtures and colors as much as you can since bold styles fade quickly. 

Then one final tip to enhance your bathroom: do a deep clean. Remove grout and hard-to-reach stains and dirt. There’s nothing like a shiny, clean bathroom. It’ll impress every time.