4 Competitive Activities That’ll Get You Fired Up Again


Spending lots of time at home may have got many of us feeling deflated. However, there are ways in which you can put a spring back into your step for when socializing and getting out of our houses becomes the norm again. Here are 5 competitive activities that will get you fired up again.

Join a Fitness Class

Joining a group fitness class is a great way to let your competitive side flourish since you won’t be in direct competition with anyone, although the people around you will help to motivate and push you to do better. Joining an outdoor fitness class where you can mix the beauty of nature with exercise and a small dose of socializing might be an even better option and can give you the fresh air that you’re probably craving by now. Choose an activity that you can see yourself enjoying, such as yoga for those of us who prefer to keep the tempo slow or perhaps try a faster, more hardcore option like circuit training or Zumba. 

There should be plenty of outdoor classes available at this time of the year and you never know, you could be starting your next favorite hobby. Better still, increasing your activity level will likely have a positive impact on your well-being and mental attitude as you should start to notice yourself feeling more energized and a lot happier.

Play Ping-Pong

Ping pong is an invigorating sport to play with your friends and family since it can get very exciting and competitive, depending on how good the players are. Even as a beginner, you’ll find yourself enjoying passing the ball and getting to know the rules as you get better and better, although for the pros, playing a game is a great way to get you fired up again! Make the game more interesting and play as a couple – you might be lucky to find out that your partner has a hidden talent and has just been bursting to show off to everyone. Playing doubles is much like playing singles, so you can get up to four people involved at any one time without too much difficulty in understanding the rules.  Any more friends than that, and you’ll have people waiting on the sidelines, itching to take their turn.

Visit the Driving Range

Another way to get you fired up again is to hit some golf balls at the driving range. You don’t need to be an avid golfer or to have ever even touched a ball before to try your hand at this stress-releasing activity. It is a great opportunity to get a group of people together of all ages and watch each other as they fail to even hit a ball, while others discover that golfing has been their calling all along. If during this activity you do find that you have a new hobby forming, why not make visits to the driving range a regular thing and compete with the neighboring golfers to keep you fired up?

Water Polo

There are few activities more competitive than water polo. With the combination of speed, strength, teamwork, and fitness, this game has the winning combination to get you fired up again. Before you sign up for the Olympic water polo team, you should join a local team and watch a few games online to see if this really is the sport for you. With each quarter lasting only eight minutes, you’d think that this might be a fairly simple sport to take part in but without a good base level of fitness, you won’t stand much of a chance. 

Hopefully, you have managed to see how diverse the world of competitive activities can be. Trying any of these activities mentioned above will be sure to get you fired up again and feeling much more positive and powerful.