4 Reasons Why – You Should Choose Orlando Limo Service The Next Time


Orlando is known for its famous theme parks, beautiful sightings, and world-class tourism across Florida State.

If you are someone who recently visited the city and loved your trip but hoped to have a little more bump-free and luxurious rides to have a thoroughly amazing holiday.

Worry no more because Orlando Limo Service can grant this wish of yours!

We have a huge variety of top quality and the latest vehicles for every need, whether you want to attend a business event or arrive like a king or queen at your prom or planning for a trip to Disney land.

While riding with us, you don’t have to worry about the quality of service or the value for the money you are paying, because Orlando Limo Service has earned your trust by providing quality service, always!

Reliable and Affordable

It is our top priority to always provide you the best service each time. Hence, our rental service has a reputation of being world-class.

Our fleet consists of a variety of luxurious sedans, Luxury vans, SUVs, Limos, SUV Stretch Limos, coaches, and man others.

Orlando Airport Limo ensures professional limo services, within and outside of the town. So you can make the most out of every moment of every trip to Orlando!

Caters to Everybody

Orlando Limo Service provides excellent service to everybody despite your budget. In fact, we thought through OAL rental service plans, rates, plans, areas of service and vehicles as per the demand coming from people from various social classes.

We guarantee to provide you the most affordable, economical yet luxurious Limo service than our competition.

And the best part, you get to choose whether you want to rent a vehicle at hourly flexible or fixed rates as needed.

In other words, no matter what your budget, we make sure to give our well-known quality service to each customer!

To get further details of the rates and packages OAL offers you, check our pricing page here and book our service as you desire.

Hire Orlando Limo Service If…

  1. Your organization is having a business conference, seminar, business event or convention and you need to attend this event with your staff
  2. You want to attend your High School Prom with your friends and feel like some celebrities arriving there
  3. You want to have an evening to remember by at your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party
  4. You are planning to have an awesome night out in Orlando City
  5. You just want to get a little private tour of the city in a Limo
  6. You have to reach Port Canaveral to be on the Cruise within the time
  7. You want to visit any of the famous theme parks of Orlando, like Disney Land with your family and friends
  8. You want to be the showstopper Groom or Bride of your wedding reception by arriving in a Limo at the venue

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Orlando Limo Service

You may find many transportation services in town, ready to serve you but what makes us stand out from the rest of these rental services is the customer trust and word of mouth you won’t find about our competition.

Here are the 4 reasons why you should be choosing OAL over any other car rental service when you visit Orlando next time:

  • Punctuality is our Core

Let’s assume you need to quickly reach to a party, a business event or a meeting, or probably rushing to catch a cruise that is about to sail.

Without a second thought, head over to our website and book a ride with us online; we promise to reach there instantly and rescue you for this mission.

Or if you would arrive after 2:00 p.m and on the same day, you have to be at the cruise to Port Canaveral, any shuttle service won’t be able to take you there.

Similarly, if you arrive at Orlando airport and want to immediately book a private car to visit Disney, Port Canaveral or Universal, all you have to do is use our rental service!

We will make sure to reach the airport at your pin location within 10-15 minutes at max.

  • Our Service is Budget Friendly

Orlando Limo Service strongly believes that luxury car service shouldn’t be limited to a humongous amount of money. You can enjoy a royal service on a comparatively lower budget as well!

We have various packages and vehicles to match your desired budget and the value you will be getting is guaranteed by OAL!

  • Your Safety is our Priority

When choosing a private transportation service on a visit to a new place, you look for s service that is both, safe and comfortable.

Which is why Orlando Limo Service has earned the customer status of safe and secure rental service. Our luxurious and top quality service is what you should be looking for while choosing your transportation company.

To ensure your safety, our drivers go through a process and detailed screening before being enrolled to serve you.

Each one of our chauffeurs is duly licensed and free off DUI cahrges. They will always take the major and shortest routes while having a customer accompanied by them.

Even if you are in absolute hurry they will never over speed as they have been tested with their visual acuity, skills to drive and have no medical backgrounds that may cause any discomfort or trouble to you.

Lastly, our Chauffeurs go through the National Bank yearly ground check prior renewing their vehicle for hire permits of Orlando.

  • Your Experience is Guaranteed

For almost 24 years of Luxury Transportation service, Orlando Limo service not only faced many challenges but seen ups and downs, yet dealt with them successfully.

So when it comes to providing an excellent experience to our customers, we never compromise on it. OAL firmly believes in the best possible service despite your budget because what matters to us the most, is your trust and comfort with our rental service.