4 tips to get summer-lovin’ with a grand garden


Sunlight, lounging and chargrilled foodstuffs – this is what summers in your garden were made for. But yours is about as appealing as a wasteland with a burning bin at its centre.

Which could spoil your summer love-in. But fear not! You’ve still got one season left to get your garden into shape for those heat-fuelled months.

So, it’s time to get your green fingers at the ready – summer’s coming and your garden needs tending to. What could you do to make it look lavish?

The pleasure of outdoors – indoors

Nabbing a conservatory is every middle-class garden lover’s dream. And for a few thousand quid, you could sizzle in the sun without having to place a foot outdoors.

But it’s not a decision to take lightly. Conservatories cost a pretty penny, so choose the right supplier. Just imagine a cowboy builder showing up, dismantling the back of your house, then leaving with a load of your cash in their back pocket. It’ll ruin your entire summer.

More than this, check you’ve got permission to build an extension by contacting your local council. While most councils are fine with conservatories, you could face problems if you live in a listed building. In this instance, you’re better to be safe than sorry.

A luxury lawn

The beauty of a garden is dictated by the superiority of your lawn – and getting it right is an exact science.

Indeed, your best bet is to hire a professional landscaper who will mould your garden into whatever shape you desire. Generally, these guys can be pricey, but you’ll receive the quality you pay for.

If you fancy giving lawn-sculpting a go yourself, you’ll need a lawnmower, hedge trimmer and a spare afternoon to get your hands dirty.

Start by plotting out how you want your lawn to look and stick to your plans as slavishly as possible. You’ll soon have grass that would make Alan Titchmarsh proud.

Focus on the centre

Focal points can do wonders for any environment. Whether it’s lighting up your living room or adding pizzazz to your dining table, finding a divine centrepiece can bring a sense of cohesion to a space. So, why not try the same for your garden?

Invest in a water feature, gazebo ornament and design your garden to complement it. It’ll turn your garden from disparate mass to complete whole.

A floral wonderland

Scythe those wilting weeds and dot a sizeable number of flowers around your garden. But you’ll have to be quick – plant bulbs now and they’ll blossom beautifully in the summertime.

When choosing flowers, make sure you plant a variety of colours to complement each other. Who knows – you might find you love flowers all the more.