5 Ideas to Easily Upgrade your Bathroom


There’s nothing more likely to let down a home than an ageing, dingy bathroom. If the tiles are discoloured and the grouting is beset with mould and the taps are beginning to rust, then you’re not going to get that all-important feeling of cleanness. And if you can’t get that, then you’re not going to enjoy your bathroom experience.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the steps you might take to revitalise your bathroom.

Go for an unusual colour

Bathrooms don’t just have to be painted blue and white. Pick out a shade that makes a statement – whether it’s dark grey, or even pure black. Darker colours are supposed to make a poor match for smaller rooms, given that they don’t reflect light quite as much – but they can still be made to work. Don’t feel confined by conventional wisdom. On the other hand, there are certain colours which tend to make a poor match for bathrooms – bold reds, for instance, aren’t going to work in most cases.

Look for specially-formulated paints which protect your walls against moisture, and which resist mould.

Add some Prints

Prints are a great way of making a statement on your walls. They can either contrast sharply with the surrounding colours, or they can match them more closely. Maximalist wallpaper designs are a brave move in a bathroom – but that doesn’t mean that they can’t pay off!

Add Extra Mirrors

Mirrors play a role increasing the sense of space in any given room, and in a bathroom they serve the more practical purpose of helping you check yourself out. Place multiple mirrors around the room to benefit even more. You might go for a shaving mirror on an extendable arm, as well as a floor-length mirror for full-body inspection.

Use Funky Tiles

Tile patterns don’t have to be straightforward and boring. Rectangles and squares might fit nicely into one another, but then, so do hexagons. You might go for irregular shapes, or for standard shapes in irregular patterns. Talk to your tiler about herringbone and other exotic patterns – it might be that they relish the challenge!

Add some plant life

Certain kinds of low-maintenance plant tend to thrive in a bathroom. Miniature potted cacti tend to fare particularly well. The bathroom should be a space where you can unwind – and the presence of greenery can help you get into the right frame of mind. On top of this, they can add some much-needed colour.