5 Secrets To Look 10 Years Younger


Ageless. Timeless. “She’s a classic.” Wouldn’t you want to be larger than life, beat aging, and claim these flattering tag lines for yourself? Of course, you do. However, you can’t just wish it were you that these statements are referring to. You have to do something to keep looking up to 10 years younger than your peers. An anti aging treatment can help but, that’s not all there is to it. A sound skin care treatment helps you keep your younger looking skin for longer but, your state of mind, health and happiness all contribute to how your skin feels from the inside and appears from the outside.

The 5 Top Secrets to Youthful Looking Skin

Much have been said about what gives to see aging skin that holds back the years. Many women have scrambled to know what the anti wrinkle treatment to beat all visible signs of aging skin is. Here are the five truths that takes your skin from 40 to 30 when you subscribe to these:

Secret No. 1: The three basic routines for skin: cleanse, tone, moisturize, is a must for any age. Perform these three steps once in the morning and once again at night. The best cleansers these days are the ones formulated with mild exfoliating agents that appear on the label as “alpha hydroxy acid” or “poly hydroxy acid”. People who have acne-challenged skin are advised to get one with “beta hydroxy acid” which often appear on the label as “salicylic acid”. This ingredient helps keep skin clear and prevents acne breakouts by regulating oil production and drawing out acne-causing bacteria from your pores.

Secret No. 2: Exfoliate. Aging skin requires serious help in regenerating and turning over skin. Don’t experiment when it comes to chemical exfoliators. Unlike when you use scrub, chemicals, when misused, can cause permanent damage to your skin. If you are unsure which chemical to use, always consult first with a skincare specialist.

When making a decision about which chemical to use, always take careful consideration of the following:

  • Your skin type. Some skin types, most notably those who have reactive and hyper sensitive skin, cannot tolerate.


  • The results you are going for. How much change do you require on your skin? Are you exfoliating for maintenance or, are you exfoliating to stimulate and enhance corrections? The latter will require something more intense and it is best for you to closely follow the instructions or, get one under the supervision of a skincare expert.


History of allergic reactions. Exfoliating products in general, not just the chemical exfoliants, have a very high tendency to be reactive. Patch test before making it a regular skin care treatment.

Other than chemical exfoliation, you may also choose to physically exfoliate your skin. Top options include using a facial brush or a muslin  cloth to rub against your face. Physical exfoliation methods, however, are strongly advised not to be used on acne-challenged skin as scrubbing will disperse infected grains from infected pores to adjacent pores.

Secret No. 3: Go full face forward on anti aging treatment. When it comes to anti aging  skin care, there is no place for doubting your skin. There is sufficient evidence to prove that anti-aging products are viable in changing your aging skin into youthful skin with consistent and regular topical application. For this strategy to work, however, you must be well-informed about how your anti-aging cream must be formulated to work beyond the results that you get when you use moisturizer.

Here are the top ingredients to look for in an anti-aging formula:

  • Skin moisturizers and skin conditioning agents: These are the very basic ingredients to have for your aging skin. It keeps your skin from drying out and becoming dehydrated. Two of the most powerful ingredients that exhibit these functions are hyaluronic acid and squalane. These two ingredients work together by flooding your skin with moisture and then sealing it in so your skin stays well-moisturized for longer periods of time.
  • Peptides and stem cells: These two ingredients are currently the most advanced topical solutions for multiple signs of aging. Peptides work by enhancing natural skin mechanisms that help facilitate faster repair and renewal. Stem cells, on the other hand, help restore your skin’s vitality and makes your skin fibers more resilient to damage that can lead up to visible signs of skin aging.
  • Antioxidants. This gives your skin better chances to cope with required damage repairs by stopping new damage and signs of aging from forming on your skin. For day time, make sure you have antioxidant protection infused in your sunscreen.

Secret No. 4: Periodically get your skin treated at a skin clinic. When you get to pin down the right treatments that perfectly address your skin aging woes, you will see how these procedures can drastically turn your skin from dull to ‘wow’. Some key pointers about skin care treatment procedures are listed below:

  • Make surgery the last resort, after you’ve exhausted all less invasive means to correct a skin imperfection that bothers you.


  • Radio Frequency treatments are already touted as the most effective procedure for firming saggy skin.
  • Laser Treatments remain to be the most precise and the most systematic tools to facilitate exfoliation and faster regeneration.
  • Microdermabrasion and chemical peels are the most basic procedures your should periodically visit your skincare specialist for.
  • You should further boost your anti aging regimen with home DIY devices, particularly the ones that give your skin a soothing massage. Even acne-challenged skin can benefit from a handheld blue light therapy.

Secret No. 5: Work on improving yourself inside and out. Don’t stop at the next buzz in anti aging treatment, go all the way to improve your body health and mind health. Eat a proper diet, find time to workout regularly, stress less, and smile more. Learn to think more positively and learn to live and breathe Murphy’s Law. You just can’t have it all but, even that is a thought where you can choose to be happy rather than worry. Don’t forget to surround yourself with happy and positive people like you.


Believe it! Aging skin can be delayed and the combination of these 5 top secrets to seriously younger looking skin will make you keep enjoying your youthful complexion now and in the years to come.