5 top tips for tropical wedding guests


Attending a tropical wedding can be a real treat — watching friends tie the knot in the glorious sunshine while you unwind in the sun is definitely time well spent.

But if you fail to prepare properly the most promising sunshine wedding can quickly turn from Club Paradise to Hell in the Pacific.

So here are five top tips to ensure your wedding trip to the tropics is smooth sailing.

Sun protection

Using sun protection seems like a no-brainer.

But guests from cold climates desperate to soak up rays often ditch this essential item — and end up looking like lobsters in wedding photos.

And if you’re a bridesmaid you’ve got a particular responsibility to make sure the bride has her best day ever.

So please remind her to reapply the Factor 50 throughout the day — Superdrug has a range of compact creams that can be stashed discreetly in your purse.


A beach ceremony can be very romantic — sun, sand and sea combine as the perfect backdrop.

But sand can get everywhere — and guests who wear tights and shoes can find they fill up so fast that they’re soon strutting like John Wayne.

Avoid this scenario by ditching the hosiery and treating yourself to a pair of beautiful Burberry flip flops — the beach is no place for stiletto heels.

And when it’s time to boogie down at the reception your feet will feel fresh while other guests are still shaking sand from their shoes.


You might think that the vintage tartan mini dress you spotted online will be the perfect wedding outfit.

But it’ll be soaked with sweat before the ceremony starts under the tropical sun — and you’ll look more like a stranded beachcomber than a beautiful wedding guest.

The bride’s options are more limited, but if you’re not in the bridal party you can dress elegantly and still keep cool — AX Paris have a range of ravishing wedding guest dresses that will make the group photo pop.

Mosquito spray

If you’re lucky enough not to come from a country populated by these flying piranhas you might not be aware of how annoying — or dangerous — they can be.

So make sure you carry mosquito repellent and invest in a net from an online supplier like Gap Year Travel Store in case your hotel lacks supplies.

Without protection the best you can expect is a blotchy body covered in itchy sores — but the worst might be a tropical disease like Dengue that will have you laid up in hospital for weeks.


Drinking water to keep cool seems obvious.

But so many wedding guests forget to hydrate and head right for the alcohol — which hits you for six in the sun.

So stick to water until the heat subsides and then punctuate every alcoholic drink with a glass of the soft stuff — you’ll thank yourself for being so sensible in the morning.

If you follow these five top tips for tropical wedding guests you’ll feel fab and look like the belle of the beach.

What’s your favourite tropical wedding tip? Share your stories in the comments section.