5 Tricks To Keep Your House Warm On A Budget


Even if you’re the type of person who loves the crisp, cozy feeling of the first snow fall or the thrill of hitting the slopes freshly covered in powder, nobody enjoys getting their winter heating bill. Costs go up and you still feel as though you’re freezing all season long.

This winter stop shivering when you should be warm and comfortable in your home. Use these 5 tricks to keep your home cozy, even on days when the mercury is well below freezing. Not only will they keep your home warm, they can help you save money while you do it. Heating your home shouldn’t be expensive.

#1 Warm yourself up before you reach for the thermostat

Your body temperature will be more responsive to an additional layer than cranking up the thermostat, at least right away. Grab your coziest slippers, a warm pair of socks, and a sweater before you crank up the thermostat. You won’t be tempted to over do it when you raise the temperature once you’re bundled up.

#2 Improve your insulation

Insulation is the secret to a warm and energy-efficient home, especially in the roof. Roughly 25% of the heat in your home is lost through the roof, though you can reduce that number by improving your insulation. Not sure if your roof insulation is up to par? Next time it snows, compare your roof with your neighbors. Does the snow stay, or does it melt? Melting while your neighbors’ snow stays mean you’re losing too much heat.

#3 Insulate the walls

If you have cavity walls, it’s incredibly easy to put in better insulation. A cavity wall is a modern type of wall with essentially a cavity in the middle of it that can be easily insulated. Solid walls can also be insulated, but it may take more effort. A whopping 35% of the heat in your home is lost through the walls.

#4 Perform furnace maintenance

A well-tuned furnace is a furnace that works quickly and efficiently, not to mention a safer furnace. You can perform some basic maintenance like changing the air filter and vacuuming out the burner yourself, but for more complicated furnace maintenance tasks, talk to a furnace technician. Some things that a furnace technician will look for include short cycling, a worn-out motor belt, dirt in the blower or motor housing, gas supply problems, exhaust problems, and more. A well-performing furnace will cost you less and keep you comfortable.

#5 Stick to boiler heating

If you’re thinking about updating your heating system, you may be wondering whether you should go with a boiler or a furnace. If you’re looking to buy a boiler to replace your old one or get a new one altogether, make sure to compare multiple new boiler quotes to get the best price that’s aligned with your budget. Boiler heating is known for leaving it cold around windows, but it can give you warm and toasty floors. A boiler can be more energy efficient if you have a pool or spa you use in the winter. It’s important that you know your home heating system and what works best.

#6 Weather strip your windows

Your windows account for an additional 10% of the heat lost in your home, but you can reduce that number by cutting drafts out of your life by using weather stripping where needed. Drafts can make you feel especially uncomfortable in a way that outweighs their effect on the actual temperature.

Stay warm this winter without breaking the bank with these 5 tips to warm up your home. A little bit of investment now can significantly reduce your heating bills and give you your sanity through the long, cold winter.