6 Creative Corporate Gifts Guaranteed To Impress Your Coworkers


The emergence of modern work settings, such as remote, hybrid, and flexible in-office workplaces, makes coworkers distant. As such, employee interactions are minimal, which could affect their productivity. Fortunately, you can do things to help increase their motivation at work. One way to boost connection, teamwork, and culture is to give corporate gifts during company anniversaries, holidays, and birthday celebrations. 

However, the availability of corporate gift items in the market can be overwhelming, making it challenging for you to choose. But if you want to give something creative and helpful, personalizing corporate gifts is a great idea. You can design and print personalized creative gifts with the help of custom printing services, such as MeowPrint.sg and other trusted printing companies.

To help you further, check out the top creative corporate gifts guaranteed to impress your coworkers below.

  1. A Leather Compendium And A Notebook 

A premium leather compendium plus a customized notebook with your coworker’s name printed on it make a luxurious, creative corporate gift. 

You can choose a standard-sized leather compendium with a rounded rectangular shape in black or a rich brown shade. Choose one with multiple zip closures, a notebook’s gasket pocket, and space to fit a tablet or a laptop.

You can make your gift more special and creative by including a customized, name-printed ballpoint pen. If you’re having trouble finding one, look at customized office notebooks, pens, and other MeowPrint corporate gifts online.

  1. Creative Corporate Gift Baskets

Show your creativity and practicality by making corporate gift baskets for your colleagues this Christmas. If you have a knack for making baskets, then that’s a plus. You can design and create personalized baskets or buy some in craft stores if you’re too busy to make them. 

So, what can you put in a corporate gift basket? You have unlimited options for the possible items you can place inside a corporate gift basket. 

For instance, beauty and wellness products, such as moisturizers, soft gels, facial cleansers, perfumes, and lotions, are perfect for female coworkers. On the other hand, shaving creams, facial towels, and body sprays are suitable for men. 

Other creative ideas include a set of chocolates from different brands or a grocery package that your colleagues can share with their friends and families at home. Holiday packages with cheese, sweets, and red wine are also perfect corporate gifts. 

Wrap the items beautifully and secure all corporate gift baskets with a ribbon. Don’t forget to put a tag with your message or greetings. This gift idea is not only creative but it is also personalized for them since you made it yourself. So, they would appreciate it more than if you were to buy them from stores.

  1. DIY Potpourri Corporate Gifts

You don’t have to spend much money on corporate gifts. A do-it-yourself potpourri gift is creative and special in every sense. It’s a combination of dried ingredients, seasonings, and oils placed in a glass bowl, platter, or jar to release scents in a room. 

If you have lots of empty jars from sandwich spreads or other glass food containers, you can clean and use them as one of your materials for this DIY corporate gift project.

Making a homemade potpourri is relatively easy. Dehydrate some fruits, like oranges, in the oven. The same is true with herbs. Make the potpourri more special by adding some seasonings, such as vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, and whole cloves. In addition, you can infuse some dried petals and essential oils, like chamomile.

Creatively arrange everything in a transparent jar and add a personalized tag and ribbon for a perfect DIY potpourri corporate gift.

  1. Color-Coded File Storage Organizers

If you work in an office, handling the bulk of documents and other paperwork, storage and organizing can be challenging. Using ordinary folders can cause confusion and the risk of misplacing or losing important files. 

You can help your colleagues attain more organization in their workspaces by giving out color-coded file storage organizers. 

This corporate gift is widely available online. Color-coded file storage organizers come in different sizes and materials. Some designs make excellent hand carries, like a multiple layered envelope, and others come in individual storage plastic boxes. 

Choose a standard size that can fit A4 documents. You can make this gift more creative by custom printing the names of your coworkers or your company name and logo on the file storage organizers.

  1. Corporate Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are gaining popularity. But they aren’t just for families and friends. Of course, you can also give corporate digital photo frames to your colleagues.

Unlike static, traditional photo frames, digital photo frames can be battery-powered or directly plugged into the electrical socket for the gallery to play automatically. Digital photo frames can show different photos, and users can upload new pictures via internet connectivity, Bluetooth, or an external drive like a USB.

You can upload corporate photos, such as the ones you’ve personally taken during your company’s anniversary celebration or Christmas party. It’s also a great idea to gather all the beautiful and meaningful pictures posted by your colleagues on their social media pages or your company website. 

Corporate digital photo frames are meaningful gifts, especially for coworkers approaching their retirement years. They’ll always remember all the good memories they’ve had whenever they look at the photos shown on a corporate digital photo frame.   

  1. Customized Water Bottles And Lunch Boxes

Break and lunch times are the best moments to have small talk with colleagues. It’s a great way to reverse negative attention from work and promote better work relationships with coworkers. 

Everyone deserves fun and appetizing snacks and meals. Make break times more special by giving your coworkers customized water bottles and lunch boxes. So, why not give these gifts for the upcoming holidays? They’ll surely appreciate your creativity and effort in engraving or printing their names on these corporate gifts. 

Other alternatives to customized water bottles and lunch boxes include personalized coffee mugs, Viking-inspired horn beer containers, and beer sleeves. They can use these customized gifts during coffee breaks or alcohol-drinking sessions at home.


Do you already have some great corporate gift ideas in mind? You’ve just learned about the most creative corporate gifts that can impress your colleagues, and you can draw some inspiration from them to come up with unique ideas too. Corporate gift-giving is more than choosing high-quality and functional items. The experience comes with getting to know more about your coworkers to pick the best corporate gifts suited to their personality, fashion sense, or personal preference.