6 Men’s Jewelry Trends for Fall and Winter 2022


Whether you’re searching for the perfect holiday gift for a guy in your life, or you’re a man looking to update his jewelry collection for the Fall and Winter, there are many exciting trends to try this year. Jewelry and accessories are the perfect style accents to tie together a look and be polished, no matter where you’re headed. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to win best dressed and your holiday parties this year, keep reading for the men’s jewelry trends every guy should try.

Genderless Gems 

The patriarchy has been smashed, and gender fluidity is in, so there are no rules if you’re a guy who likes to push the fashion envelope. While you may have considered diamonds as only a girl’s best friend in the past, the same rules no longer apply. Guys are frosted this Fall and winter, from diamond-encrusted cross pendants to wedding bands with diamond inlays. If you’ve been wanting to throw some ice on but weren’t sure if you could pull it off, take this as your sign to try this blingy trend. 

Gold Watches 

All that glitters is gold, and the gold watch still reigns supreme this Fall and Winter. While rectangular watch faces are having a moment, a gold watch is still a must-have for men. Whether you’re an avid watch collector or shopping for your first wrist piece, investing in the highest quality watch you can afford is essential. Watches not only have the potential to be treasured heirlooms passed down through generations, but they’re a beautiful pop of shiny color peeking out of a man’s button-down or sweater. 

Gold Chains 

Sticking with the gold bandwagon, gold chains are a must in every guy’s accessory drawer, regardless of their aesthetic. Gold chains for men come in various chain types, from Cuban link, Rope Chain, Figaro, and everything in between. If you’re not ready to wear a thick chain, even dainty gold chains look great on men and can be layered with other gold necklaces or beaded ones. Necklaces look fantastic tucked into your shirt, and even a glimpse of one peeking out of the collar of your shirt is enough to drive people wild. 

Crystal Clear 

With a focus on mindfulness and spirituality these days, wearing crystal jewelry is no longer for the New Age only. Crystal pendants were huge in the nineties, and with a major Y2K resurgence in the fashion world, it makes sense they’re in today. The nineties crystal pendant was worn on a black rope necklace, so update your style to something more modern and wear your crystal on a sterling silver or gold chain. Small crystal studs have been spotted on male celebrities and stylists alike if you’ve got your ears pierced. 

Yummy Bracelets 

Whether young or young at heart, finding fun ways to add bold color and design to your outfits is something you will likely spend time on. The candy jewelry trend isn’t just for tweens anymore, and it’s not just for girls. From pearl bracelets with colorful bead accents in pastels and neons to monochromatic oversized acetate bead bracelets, guys everywhere are rocking this fun trend. A candy bracelet or necklace could work in a pinch if you’re on a tight budget. 

Death Becomes Him 

While Alexander McQueen gets the credit for making skulls on scarves and handbags fashionable, spooky skull earrings and rings are back in trend. While this isn’t quite Y2K, a few years after, stay ahead of the curve with a single skull stud in your earlobe. If you can get your hands on a vintage McQueen skull scarf, you’ll stay warm and in style all Fall and Winter. This trend extends to your hands with the skull ring trend too. Whether you opt for gold or silver doesn’t matter, but keep it realistic and not corny. 

Wearing jewelry is a great way for men to enhance their style and show thoughtfulness and intention in their outfits. If you’re just starting your jewelry collection, select a few of the above trends. If you’ve already got a healthy rotation of men’s jewelry at home, give your collection an upgrade with these current trends.