6 tips to organize your personal living space


Over the years, you have accumulated so many unnecessary things in your living space, that you simply can’t find your way around them. Your room is a mess. If you want to have them organized and make more room around you, check out these six simple tips on how to organize your living space.


1. Most visible things first

Start with what annoys you the most and what is most visible. That is with that stuff that you can see your result quicker. People make a mistake when they start cleaning up a bit on one side, but then leave it and start on the other side of the space. This is the so-called zig-zag effect. We need to say to yourself, ”I’m going to organize this pile of paper, or this box first”, one by one. And then you will continue the next day. So start with what is visible because if you start from some drawers or closets, you will spend all day and the results won’t be visible. When you sort out what is very noticeable, you will be motivated to continue the next day.

2. Storage save all the stuff/ storage that you think what its important to you

People do not create order systematically. When they get tired of the mess, they either start throwing everything away or buy a new closet, a new shelf, a new box, and all of the things that are put in there are forgotten. Ask yourself what is important to you, why you keep some items, how much you need, and if you don’t need it it’s up to you whether you store it if it’s necessary.

3. Organizing

The organizing is a skill that is learned from a very young age, depending on the family environment that we live in. Unfortunately, organizational skills are not yet taught in school, but we hope that will soon change as well. Now we have courses and literature classes where we can learn organizing skills.

4. Analyse your space

Put similar things in one place, also there is at least one thing that will work well in every space. Whether it’s a drawer, a corner, or a part of the shelf where you always put the same things because it suits you. Furthermore, it’s good to ask yourself what it is that doesn’t work, what frustrates you, and when or on what you are wasting your time finding it.

5. Plan when to organize

Make a plan and determine the time you will spend organizing your space. If you do it on a whim, you probably won’t achieve it because you will get distracted by your children or co-workers. For a real and idyllic result, it is best to set aside at least two to three hours. Make a schedule, mark your day and time and you will be focused and ready to organize your things easily.


6. Arrange your things

When you analyze and plan everything, then is necessary to apply the so-called space method. It is a method with five steps. First is sorting things, with putting similar things in one place and check which ones you don’t need. Whether its goods, books, board games, or papers on our desk. We need to know how important our items are and which to prioritize. After that, we put similar activity items in the same place.

It is most often arranged in our homes, but when it comes to our office, we see that others keep the same or similar documents on multiple drawers. It is best to arrange them by purpose and the most used. Also, we need to check if there is enough space to store similar items, and by doing that we will know what we are missing and what to buy.

Once we get all things sorted out and get a clear space, either it is in your office or home, don’t hesitate to put labels on things. It will make your search easier for you and for the people around you. Use sticky notes on your desk to have your tasks organized or put a list of shopping on your refrigerator. It will make your life easier and finding things fun.