Detox your body, clear your mind: A health guide to de-stress yourself from bad energy


Despite all the catastrophes which happened this year, it is hard to get back on the positive path and live your life without worries.

There a lot of bad news coming from everywhere. Firstly the pandemic,  then the earthquakes, the fires and all those information can affect our daily mood. You feel overwhelmed or lazy to get up from your bed, and you’re wondering what’s the cause.

It can be hard to be optimistic especially if your surroundings are also in a negative state. You are trying hard, but seems like everything is falling down.

That’s why we are here to help you overcome this vicious cycle you are constantly in. I have something for you. A guide to clear your mind, a journey of 5 important tips you need to get on the treadmill, by clearing your mind and body.

> Stay hydrated

People can survive without food 21 days, and only 3 days without water. You can see the importance of the water now. Maybe you are always in a hurry and forget to drink water, but getting 8 cups of water are enough for a human to function normally. You can’t expect to have a positive thoughts and not drink water. It is like going to the gym and not working out. Stay hydrated by filling your cup right now. It will help you think faster, concentrate more and you can achieve more.

> Breathe

Breathing is not something you get a lesson about. We are born with it. Or so we thought. There are a few techniques to help you improve your breathing and concentrate on your body. Meditation can do a lot for your body. When you start meditating you will be more focused and relaxed. Relieved muscles are another benefit. The negativity will leave your mind and body and get you in the mood.

> Eat right

‘You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake.’

Replace this kind of foods with nutritious ones.  Instead of produced foods containing a lot of additives, fill your fridge with only fresh food from your nearest grocery store, that way you won’t be tempted to reach for a bad food. Visit a nutritionist to make you a list of recommended foods and those you should avoid. Fasting is also an option if you need a detox from bad food, but only if your doctor approves it.

> Get a good sleep

If you don’t have a sleeping schedule, then it is the right time to take control of that. Getting up at the same time every morning will get you in the routine and bring you more pros than cons. You just have to find what is the right time to be awake and what time you should put yourself to sleep. Try different sleeping hours for a week to see what works for you. How can you accomplish your daily tasks without your batteries charged.

> Think positive

All previous steps don’t matter if you don’t put yourself and confront negative. Try avoiding news that fills your head with negative thoughts. Avoiding people and situations that have bad energy on you is also crucial for your mind. After all, if you don’t have a positive mind, how can you expect positive things to happen. Try replacing every negative thought with a positive one and you will see nice changes are welcoming your life.

You may have noticed that these steps are all connected. With enough sleep, balanced diet and a positive mindset you can achieve more than you think. Imagine you’re a juggler, playing with these important steps as your juggling balls. If you drop one, you will break the game. Keep the balance and stay in the game.