6 Ways to Better Attract and Impress Home Buyers 


Attracting and impressing home buyers is a lot of what makes a successful sale in the real estate market. If your house is for sale, it’s time to start making sure you are attracting and impressing home buyers, and it’s important to attract them sooner rather than later.

When a buyer is looking for a home, to some degree they already know what they want and are simply hunting to find it. With this in mind, presenting your home in a way that makes potential buyers realize your home is exactly what they are looking for is part of the game of real estate. So how is it done? Below are 6 ways to better attract and impress home buyers and get yourself one step closer to closing.


List smart

You won’t have the opportunity to attract and impress home buyers if they don’t even know that your home is for sale. This is where listing comes in, and not all listing services are created equal.

Your home needs to be on the MLS. But, having your home listed on the MLS does not automatically mean it will garner attention or be impressive. A lot of the properties on the MLS have pretty sub-par photographs – don’t be one of those listings. This is relatively easy to do; by simply choosing flattering lighting and using a smartphone, you can create photos that are significantly better quality than what is slapped up on the MLS at any time of day in any lighting.

How you list can say a lot about your values, as well, and if your values are in line with a potential buyer’s values, you are more likely to engage in the sale of your home together. A way to use your listing to show your values to buyers is to choose your agent wisely.

Buyers want to see that you are both conscious of saving money but not to the extent that you are willing to rip them off to make a buck. Today you can choose to list on the MLS without an agent, which can give your home a lot more value based on its listing price without an agent vs with an agent, and you can list based on your location. If your home is one of the homes for sale in Colorado for example, you can use the online MLS without an agent for a flat-fee and be able to impress and attract buyers by being able to up the value of your home and slightly lower your listing price since you are saving money on commission by going agent-free.

Pictures are very, very important

As mentioned above, pictures are huge when it comes to impressing and attracting buyers! This cannot be overstated or overlooked.

When potential buyers are pursuing for their future home, pictures are much more effective at garnering interest than text. One look at a slew of photos can be what hooks someone or what makes them say “next!” You know this to be true from your own experience when you are searching to make a big purchase, and potential buyers aren’t an exception.

Pay attention to accuracy

While pictures are for sure the most crucial part of impressing and attracting potential buyers in the first stages of listing your home for sale, pay attention to accuracy in the descriptions of your home or when you are further along and engaging with potential buyers and answering their questions. Accuracy breeds trust, and creating a sense of confidence during the process of closing on your home will surely impress and attract potential buyers.

Communicate effectively and promptly

When you are communicating with buyers, proofread! Don’t be sloppy. Answer them as soon as possible. It goes a long way and will impress and attract buyers way more effectively than haphazard messages that potentially do not communicate any care or consideration (no matter what your actual intention is).

Create stellar marketing materials

Marketing materials are still very useful these days and are also an opportunity to attract and impress buyers. This can come down to the details, for instance, the paper you use for your materials or the finish. Thinking about and considering the way flyers feel in your hands (and, more importantly, the hands of potential buyers) are the extra little steps that help make you stand out from the crowd of other homes in the same price range.

Be confident

Don’t show that you’re panicked about your house being on the market or trying to push a buyer to move forward. Stay cool and cordial, and you’re way more likely to impress a buyer.

Impressing and attracting buyers has a lot to do with understanding what turns them off. Keeping these 6 tips in mind will help you stand out from the sea of other homes for sale in your price range and make sure you’re taking the next steps towards finding the perfect buyer for your home.