9 Reasons Why Croatia Will Steal Your Heart


Croatia has long been enchanting visitors to its turquoise shores with a great mix of cultural sights and stunning natural wonders. Here are just 9 reasons why you’ll fall in love with this Mediterranean gem.

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Friendly locals

The Croatian people are famed for their kind hearted spirits and happy-go-lucky mentality. They’re always willing to help and offer advice on their local area, and if you’re in luck they’ll even reveal the best hidden treasures of the region, including lesser known beaches and the most authentic restaurants.

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The traditions of times gone by have been well preserved in Croatia, and there’s no shortage of cultural festivals to celebrate these traditions. The International Folklore Festival is a great chance to witness local music and customs. Head to the region of Konavle and you’ll often see residents wearing traditional costume complete with embroidered waistcoats and unique jewelry.

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Natural Wonders

Fans of the outdoors will be spoiled for choice in this diverse and beautiful landscape. Hike, swim, climb or cycle the many regions of Croatia which offer breath-taking views. At Plitvice Lakes National Park you can escape the heat in one of 16 crystal clear lakes, surrounded by cascading waterfalls.

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Golden sands and crystal waters stretch as far as the eye can see with one of the finest coastlines in the Mediterranean. The town of Nin in the Zadar Country has some of the best beaches you’re likely to find anywhere in the world.

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Croatia is one of the sunniest places in the Mediterranean, with a pleasantly mild winter and very few days of rain. During the summer months, the sun doesn’t set until late which means more time for fun and games on the beach.

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Historic treasures

There’s not many places you’ll visit in Croatia that do not include a crumbling monument or dramatic ancient palace. The old town in Dubrovnik is no exception with opulent churches and old monasteries nestled within some of the best preserved medieval fortifications in the world.

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Foodies will love the unique mix of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with traditional Eastern European dishes. Sampling the fresh seafood should be first on your agenda, especially the locally caught mussels and oysters. Also be sure to try the local favorite, pasticada – a delicious beef stew that is usually served with a generous helping of gnocchi.

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With its beautiful year-round climate, there are plenty of vineyards producing some great wines. One of the finest is Teran wine, grown in the iron-rich soil of the Istria region. You can also enjoy a glass of the country’s signature liqueur, Maraschino, which is produced from cherries.

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Partygoers can enjoy a vibrant night life scene with everything from sprawling mega clubs to world-renowned festivals and traditional bars playing live music into the early hours. Known as being the best beach club in Croatia, you’ll want to visit Papaya Club which regularly hosts some of the best international DJ’s.

If you’re planning a European holiday, this could be the perfect destination for you. Be warned though, you may fall head over heels and never want to leave!

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