9 Ways to Help Make Your Cubicle Feel Less Sad


Cubicles don’t offer much. Covered in basic gray colors, with windowless wall dividers, they’re not exactly cheerful. In fact, cubicles can be downright depressing. But there are ways to turn a cubicle’s frown upside down. Simply by adding some much-needed personality and vibrant colors, you can create a homey, relaxing, and joyful workspace. From cozy decor to cute accessories and tiny trinkets, here are 9 ways to help make your cubicle feel less sad and your desk less boring.

Declutter Your Desk

Before creating a more personalized cubicle, start with the basics and work with what you have. Dedicate some time each evening before you leave to declutter your desk and organize your cubicle. It only takes a few minutes but will allow you to feel less anxious and more eager to meet the day head-on when you arrive the following morning. Instead of dreading your messy desk, you can feel excited to begin the day, especially when you create a more calming work environment. 

Bring In Cute, Personal Mugs

Whether you drink coffee or tea, bring in a cute personal mug with an inspirational message! Choose something that reminds you of who you are or of a special memory or activity that you enjoy. An even better idea? Bring in several mugs to keep on rotation, switching them out to whatever suits your mood. Think favorite holidays and seasons

Add a Mood-Boosting Lamp

Office spaces typically have overhead fluorescents that make everything look garish and feel … well, blue. But, by adding an accent lamp or desk lamp, you can create some ambient lighting that can make the space more comfortable on the eyes and provide a more homey feeling. 

If you have a cubicle without the view of a window, add a small lamp with a warm LED bulb or colored bulb. Warm bulbs can literally brighten up a drab desk and even mimic the sunlight, tricking your brain into being one with nature and boosting your spirits. 

Place Around Photos of Loved Ones

Placing photos around of family and friends (or even your pets) can inspire you in many ways. It brightens up your day to know your boyfriend is going to meet you after work for a date or your dog is waiting by the front door, tail wagging. And when you place photos around your cubicle, keep them in a colorful frame or a frame with loads of personality. You can also change your computer monitor’s desktop background.  

Hang Inspirational Images and Uplifting Quotes

Cubicle dividers may help you concentrate, but their gray fabric-wrapped bulletin boards are unattractive and downright boring. One way you can liven up these bulletin divider walls is by hanging some inspirational images and uplifting quotes. 

It can be anything from a tapestry blanket to a framed artwork, but choose some cute quirky thumbtacks or colorful push pins to secure memories and mantras, or even hang them on the cubicle’s metal shelves or dividers using magnets. You could also create a small vision board with things that motivate you—like a vacation to a far-off destination.  

Bring In One or Two Earthy Plants

Ground yourself to the earth and bring in the outdoors. Adding a plant or two can truly liven up a cubicle. You can also bring in flowers, whether they are from the market or plucked from a budding plant in your home. If you’re not much of a green thumb, even silk flowers or faux succulents can do the trick. They add a bright peaceful green that soothes the eye and brings joy. And remember to make the vase or pot super cute and colorful too!  

Play Uplifting Music

Music is a wonderful way to make a cubicle, as well as yourself, feel more chipper. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that music releases dopamine, which is known as the feel-good neurotransmitter. By listening to uplifting music at work or your favorite playlist, you can release that dopamine and begin to feel better. Just remember to be respectful of your neighboring cubicles! Use some earbuds, at the very least, try to keep the noise contained. But you could also use noise-cancelling headphones to block out distractions to yourself as well, allowing you to focus on work.

Feel Energized

Let’s say you’ve spruced up your cubicle, personalized it, and made it your own, but it still drains you of energy. Another way to make your cubicle feel less sad is to improve your overall mood internally. Get some mild exercise and take a break whenever your cubicle’s confines are really getting to you. Take a small walk around the office and deliver some files to a busy coworker who can’t find the time. Or go wash your mug. Heck, even wash other people’s mugs! So long as it gives you a break from your cubicle and stretches your legs for a bit. Ultimately, getting some mild exercise around the office will release some mood-boosting endorphins, which can improve your mental well-being and give you an all-around brighter outlook. 

Try a Standing Desk

Hunched over a desk all day is another way to help ruin your overall mood and outlook. Instead, try a standing desk to make yourself feel less mopey. Even if your workplace doesn’t supply these, you can purchase one for yourself or easily create one by placing the monitor on some stacked books or a raised monitor shelf. Not only does this keep you from feeling slouchy, but it’s sure to improve your internal mood as well.      

How Do You Plan to Make Your Cubicle Cheerful?

By adding your own touches and personality, it’s certain to catch the eye of fellow coworkers. You’re bound to get compliments about your decor and the trinkets and accessories around your desk, and questions about the people and pets in your photos, which will strike up conversations. And that, in turn, could turn into a lasting friendship. Having good relationships with coworkers also helps to make a grueling workday pass a little bit faster and feel a lot more pleasant.