A Copper Bathtub Can Give A Unique Look To The Bathroom


Copper is a type of metal that features a warm glow  and can look both rustic and natural. This metal gives a rosy hue to everything it touches. There are many ways of incorporating this metal into the home, from kitchen countertops to kitchen drawers and cabinets, and from decorative sculptures to fireplaces. And yet there is still one more way to incorporate copper into your home, particularly in your bathroom, and that is by choosing a copper bathtub.

Copper bathtubs are common part of many rustic bathroom designs. But they can be also found in many modern bathrooms. These bathtubs are eco-friendly, comfortable and functional and can definitely give a unique look to the bathroom. They can be designed as corner tubs too, but most often they are found as free-standing. As such they can become a focal point of every bathroom. Copper can give a warm look to everything. This type of bathtub design can look good in bathrooms that feature wooden and stone designs. For instance there can be stone wall and wooden ceiling.

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Copper bathtubs besides adding warmth to the bathroom, can also add elegant and luxurious appeal. They are also known for its durability, because copper as a material is a way more resistant to scratches than other materials. Even, if it does get scratched, there is no need for worries, because the scratches will disappear after some time. This is as a result of the changing of copper’s color.

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Another benefit of copper bathtubs is the lack of maintenance. Copper doesn’t require sanitizing and chemical cleaners, but it can be simply wiped from time to time with a dry towel. This will keep the bathtub resistant to mold and bacteria. The only disadvantage of having copper bathtub is its high price. Copper is definitely one of the most expensive materials and that is why not everyone can afford to incorporate it in their homes.

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Copper bathtubs are also known as the best ones at retaining heat. So, if you enjoy taking long baths, than copper bathtub is definitely something you can never be wrong with. This unique bathtubs are really heavy and it can be quite difficult to move around. Because of their heaviness, the floors of the bathroom should be reinforced too. So, delivery and installation by a professional is a must.

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So, what do you think about the above copper bathtubs? Would you like to replace your bathtub with some of such kind? Tell us in the comments and of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find many other versatile interior design ideas for your home decor.