Amazing facts you haven’t heard about


There’s always something new to learn every day. The more you explore the greater your knowledge. Even if you think you already know quite a lot, there’s still something new to hear about. The following facts will leave you speechless. They are all about things you see or hear about on daily basis. However, you might haven’t heard the whole truth.

1. In order to distinguish a real diamond from a fake one, just blow on it. The fake one will get blurred in an instance. On the other hand, the real diamond remains clear.
2. The cockroaches are one of the strongest insects on the planet. It is very difficult to destroy them. They can even survive several weeks without head, after which they die from a hunger.
3. Galileo Galilei’s middle finger is stored in the Scientific museum in Florence.
4. The iPhones, Harry Potter’s books and the Rubik’s cube are the three best selling items in the history of the humanity.
5. The painting of Mona Lisa has been hanged up on the wall of Napoleon Bonaparta’s room.
6. The phenomena Bombay is a situation in which certain blood elements are missing in advance. Furthermore the result is a person with several blood types. Only 0,0004 % of the population has such blood. There exist even special storages where such blood could be found in case of need. In addition, this blood type corresponds to every single blood type.
7. We know about six senses that a human body possesses. Well, there exists a seventh one. It’s known as proprioception. It’s about the consciousness of the position of the human organs.
8. Only 5% of the Brazilian population lives in Rio Grande. However, this is the place where 70% of the Brazilian models come from.
9. The bananas’ shape is because of their placement towards the Sun.
10. “Mayday” is an international word replacement for SOS. To be more precise, it is used at radio conversations and airplanes so the public doesn’t start panicking when there’s a warning.
11. The Spanish word “esposas” means both “wives” and “handcuffs”. Coincidence?
12. Twitter’s blue bird has a name. It is called Larry. The inventors of Twitter gave it the name after the basketball player Larry Bird.
13. On the high mountains of Nepal there exist huge bees. Their bodies can be as large as 3 cm. These bees produce a specific kind of honey that’s hallucinogen. The people who live there even use it on daily basis.
14. When you gain or lose weight the fat cells do not disappear. Instead they only change their size.
15. Charles Darwin was the first one who put wheels on his chair. The thing was he needed to move around his office quicker.
16. As much as 99% of the microbes that live in the human body are unknown for the scientists.
17. Albert Einstein maybe has said something very important right before he died. He spoke some phrases in German language. However, the nurse didn’t speak German, therefore she couldn’t understand him.
18. When you cut yourself with a sheet of paper hurts more than when you do it with a knife. The reason is it doesn’t cause you bleeding, therefore the nervous endings are in contact with the air around. Moreover that very connection between the nervous endings and the air causes irritation and pain.