Awe-Inspiring and Unconventional Jewelry Techniques


Repurposed Materials Jewelry

It isn’t just eco-friendly gold and fairtrade diamonds that have become popular in the sustainable jewelry world. Global artists are paying close attention to the waste we generate, and design items using underappreciated items.

For example, broken skateboards are pressed and cut into wooden beads to be strung together. Some creatives generate flexible and elaborate jewelry from the inner tubes of bicycle tires. Modern designers make intricately-woven creations with discarded tech cords and USB connectors for clasps. Thanks to human ingenuity, there seems to be no end in sight for these recycled treasures.

Interactive Jewelry

In addition to repurposed technical materials, there are plenty of digital and interactive jewelry pieces to consider. With the internet having such a strong influence on our lives, jewelry artists have begun designing interactive jewelry that is influenced and changeable based on the buyers’ tastes.

Perhaps the world isn’t quite ready, but the concept of the NECLUMI necklace is a remarkable one. Wearers can choose from four settings that project light particles in futuristic patterns, depending on walking speed, irregular movement, and vocal patterns. More readily available are personalizable digital jewelry pieces that can be programmed to respond to a person’s mood, heartbeat, or daily outfit.

Knit Wire Jewelry

With the dominance of Pinterest, it’s no wonder why this DIY jewelry-making style has become so popular in recent years. Though far more difficult to knit with wire than wool, the approach is much the same. Beautiful jewelry pieces can be developed with a wide variety of patterns, metals, and gemstones, offering wearers something truly unique and one-of-a-kind. German artist Ines Schwotzer has become famous for her breathtaking pieces that include knitting, weaving, and braiding techniques.


The filigree’s delicate style requires soldering one metal thread (often gold or silver) to another, to create a dramatic lacework effect. For over three millennia, filigree has been worn by humans across the world. In fact, anthropologists maintain that it is one of the most popular and wide-ranging jewelry styles ever discovered, in Scythian, Egyptian, and even Celtic burial sites.

With endless twists and techniques possible, it is no wonder that these styles have endured for thousands of years, and they show no signs of waning in popularity.

Wearable Plants

It’s no secret that millennials are incredibly focused on sustainability, which is a prime reason why wearable plants are such a fantastic way to complete a look. Succulents are some of the most forgiving plants on the planet, needing minimal care to look their best, which makes them excellent choices to don.

Women have long reached for veils and crowns on their wedding day, but the modern bride has become much more environmentally responsible. Why not consider a succulent headpiece that will make a gorgeous centerpiece for years to come? Each statement piece can be replanted as an everlasting reminder of a beautiful day or experience.

Mokume Gane

For those looking for a more permanent, plant-inspired piece, Mokume Gane jewelry is a fabulous alternative. Initially known for embellishing samurai swords, this ancient Japanese metalworking tradition is fashioned with only a hammer and chisel. When precious metals like copper and silver were hammered and twisted, they revealed wood-like patterns that can be forged into an endless array of jewelry pieces.

Over the last few decades, Mokume Gane artisans like Jaume Labro have revitalized this jewelry-making technique. Today, these jewelry makers add platinum, palladium, and colored gold to give styles a more modern aesthetic. All Mokume Gane engagement rings, pendants, and earrings are truly unique, owing to their handmade process.

Whatever your personal style, there is a jewelry piece for everyone in the modern market. One thing is undeniable: it’s never been more stylish to purchase from environmentally-conscious brands that emphasize one-of-a-kind pieces!