Being healthy is being pretty


It is hard for most of us to lead a healthy lifestyle and consume healthy meals everyday, especially when the temptation is real, when you have your favorite dish right in front of you, looking at you to give it a bite. You’ve heard it is bad for you, but you still can’t end this relationship.

 Have you ever wondered how resisting that dish and saying ‘NO’ to all the fast foods and replacing them with fresh fruits and vegetables can reward your overall health. Imagine craving for a fresh salad instead of whole pizza, or some nuts replaced with a salty ‘high calories’ crackers. You can just change what your addicted to and get a benefit from it.

There are many benefits you can get by switching to healthy habits. Here are some that can make you eat the freshies instead of burgers.

  • Glowing skin

You have tried so many different cosmetic products, but you didn’t know that the source of your acne or dryness of your skin is the food you consume. Blame it on the the burgers, sugary products or the ‘rich in oil’ French fries. The more fresh the food, the more your skin will glow. And no doubt fresh meals will make you look younger.

  • More energy

Remember the saying ‘healthy body, healthy mind’. Eating fruits and vegetables will provide you with a lot of vitamins, antioxidants and proteins and that will not only get you visible results, it will boost your mood and provide you with more energy than fast foods. Start eating only one fruit a day and the results will be noticed in no time. Let’s not forget the exercise at least 3 times a day. You can choose some home activities or stretching that will definitely help on the long run.

  • Better looking

If you always wanted a fit body, but you didn’t find yourself motivated enough to do it. Then this benefit from healthy lifestyle surely will make you get to your goal. You must feed your body with good diet and daily exercise to feel better and that leads to losing weight. Losing weight gives you many options for fashion outfits, which will make you look better.

  • Better mental health

Leading healthy lifestyle help you improve your brain function. It changes and works better, faster and can help you concentrate and focus more. It is a good reason to start right now with implementing healthy habits. I am sure you want to feel better from the inside, not just from the outside. Being mentally healthy comes from being psychaly healthy and vice versa.

I truly believe you got the whole picture of being healthy and helped you understand that every little choice you make can change your lifestyle. Make healthy choices and build a healthy body, a healthy mind and glow from the inside.