Best Ways to Get the Most Out Of Your Air Miles Credit Card


Credit cards can be expensive but when used smartly, this plastic card can be very useful as it offers its cardholder a wide range of attractive benefits and privileges. 

If you are a frequent traveler and looking for a credit card that can suit your spending pattern, opt for air miles card which offers free air tickets in return of making everyday purchases. 


The benefits of air miles credit cards are not just limited to free air tickets only. But many air miles credit cards cater plenty of additional perks and privileges such as a discount on hotel bookings, complimentary airport lounge access, free travel inconvenience insurance cover, cash back on international purchase and even pick up & drop off service between the airport and hotel or home. If you are wondering how air miles credit card benefits you and how can you earn air miles more and more, you have come to the right place. Let us take a look at some of the great ways to get the most out of your UAE air miles card. 

6 Great Ways to Earn AirMiles

  • Maximize Spending

Try to maximize your spending on air miles card. Instead of using debit cards, cash or other credit cards, use air miles credit card to make your day-to-day purchases such as utility bill payments, grocery shopping, movie tickets, etc. This will enable you to gain more air miles. The more air miles you earn, the more travel rewards you earn. 

  • Avail Bonus

To convenience you to sign up for credit cards that are co-partnered with airlines, some credit card providers offer ‘bonus miles’. Sometimes they offer bonus miles just for a reward which is in big print on their promotions. While in the smaller print, you may find the terms. For instance, some cards may have minimum spending requirements within a specific period of time to get those rewards.

  • Opt For the Best Airmiles Credit Card

There is a huge range of credit cards is available in the marketplace that would meet your spending habits and lifestyle needs. One such card is the air miles credit card which comes with exclusive benefits for frequently travel and fly. 

Credit card providers try their best to influence customers and to get business by catering several sign-up bonuses. Opting for the best air miles credit card that comes with great sign-up bonuses would help the cardholder to get free air miles, discounted air tickets, and a lot more. 

  • Dine Out

Another great way to rack up rewards is to link your card to a frequent flyer plan’s dining program. When you spend at participating restaurants using the card, you will earn points. 

  • Use Shopping Portals

Many airlines also have their shopping portals on their frequent flyer websites. You can earn points on making purchases by going to that page and clicking through a participating merchant.

  • Use Airline Promotional Offers

Some airline caters promotional offer which is again a great way to influence customers and to get business. You can avail these promotional offers in order to save on your air travel.

Some of the promotional programmes that offer air miles at reasonable prices are the ones to grab as purchasing air miles at the original price is often costly. So, keep an eye on such promotional offers provided by the airline to get the most of your credit card. 

How Air Miles Card Works?

Every airline has its own rewards system, often known as “Frequent flyer” program which is specifically designed to instill loyalty among passengers.

You can easily earn miles with the airline’s rewards program by:

  • Taking flights
  • Spending money on co-branded credit card
  • Making purchases with an airline partner like online retailer or car rental agency.

Once you have earned miles, you can further use them to book air tickets. The number of miles required based on fare class, distance, and demand.

Are Air Miles Cards Right For You?

Well, there are two types of air miles cards. One is co-branded airline cards and the other one is general travel credit cards.

Most of the airlines associated with the credit card companies to cater co-branded credit cards to their potential customers. When you use the co-branded cards to make a purchase with the partner airlines, you earn extra miles on every AED spent. 

Also, these co-branded credit cards often offer additional perks such as priority boarding, complimentary airport lounge access, complimentary checked bags, and a lot more.

While other credit cards that are not associated with any particular airline, earn points from the credit card provider. Though they do not have the airline-specific benefits of co-branded credit cards, you can utilize their travel rewards points on several airlines instead of a specific one. 

Whether a co-branded card or general travel credit cards come with high annual fees and interest/profit rate. That is why we only recommend airmiles credit cards for those people who can pay off their balance each month. By paying the balance in full, you will avoid paying any interest on your purchase. In short, air miles card is right for you if you make its use ideally.


Just like how other credit cards help you earn reward points every time you make a purchase using a card, Airmiles credit card does the same. The more you spend on your Air miles credit card, the more air miles you gain. Once you have earned enough air miles, you can redeem them further to book air tickets, hotel bookings, and much more.