Booths, Chairs, or Both? How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Dining Establishment


When it comes to seating for your new or newly-refurbished restaurant, there are some essential aspects you need to consider. The proper seating is crucial, especially if you want your diners to have a comfortable and cozy dining experience. The overall experience of your diners in your dining establishment can either make them want to come back or make them stay away in the future – and this not only pertains to the food (which should, of course, be good), but to the service you provide and the furniture you have.

So how do you determine what type of furniture to choose for your establishment? From the many styles and designs of chairs and restaurant booths for sale, which should you choose, booths, chairs, or both? Let’s find out.

The factors that influence your decision

The first factor which will influence your decision on whether to stick to chairs or booths, or have both, is the size of your establishment. If you have a small restaurant, it may be a better idea to stick with booths, which are more compact and space-efficient. If you have ample seating space, your best option would be to have a combination of both, with chairs and tables placed in the middle, and booths placed on the sides or in corners.

The second factor which can affect your decision is your restaurant’s theme or design. Booths are more common in casual dining places, although nowadays, they can also be seen in more formal establishments since they can be covered in rich, elegant fabrics.

The third factor that will make a difference is, of course, your budget. The price of chairs, tables, and booths can add up quickly if you’re not careful. Even if you like a certain chair’s design, is it really worth it? Perhaps you can choose a simpler chair which is equally functional, durable, and stylish. The same is true for booths – there are many high-quality restaurant booths for sale that are easy on the budget, so make sure to do your research well.

Some key pointers

When you’re on the lookout for restaurant furniture, stick to designs which are clean and straightforward. Avoid designs with lots of crevices and curves, since they will be harder to clean and can easily gather crumbs and dirt. The fabric of your chairs or booths should be treated so it is stain-resistant, and factor in a professional chair and booth cleaning service at least twice every year.

Remember this as well: even though you may come across ‘regular’ furniture in some shops, avoid buying it – it is not designed for restaurant use and can break or suffer from wear and tear in a short time, and this can lead to additional costs down the road. Your restaurant furniture is an investment, so choose it wisely.