Can You Really Get Married Without Anyone Knowing?


One of the most often-asked questions which people discuss at various forums, is it really possible to get married without anyone knowing besides the spouses? And as you can see, opinions differed concerning the moral right and the maturity of the relationship.

So if you also start thinking about getting married without anyone knowing and looking for the place where to get eloped with someone you love, you should continue reading this article and weigh the pros and cons of such a responsible step. You need to realize if you really want to have a secret wedding and what impact it will have in the future.

Marriage is a matter of public record

Of course, if you don’t want to share anyone your plans on getting married, no one can obligate you to do so, but… Marriage refers to one of the basic things listed in the public record. It is recorded once and after the wedding, both spouses get a marriage certificate.  Moreover, the details of the spouses and the marriage are recorded in the marriage register and can be found on a basic “Google Search” and most courthouses websites. It very much depends on which country you’re in, but be ready that most countries publish marriage licenses in their local newspapers. Well, theoretically it is possible to be married without saying a word to anyone, but as far as practically possible to get married in secret according to the current legislation you can self-evaluate.

Church’s attitude to a secret marriage

It happens that shortly after a secret wedding, you and your loved one want to get married in a church, gather family and friends and exchange rings in front of them. You may want to prepare love poems for her that will make her cry and, in turn, she`d like officially to make a love confession to you. Will it be allowed by the church?

So when it comes to a wedding ceremony, the church’s opinion is unanimous, namely, the church refuses to perform a wedding for you and your loved one if you`re already married. Again, on the basis of the applicable legislation, you can’t legally get married twice. You can’t obtain the marriage license from the state again and the officiant can’t perform the wedding ceremony even if you`re ready to do so.

Well, there’s only one thing left to do. You can try to get the permission for a fake wedding ceremony after you`ve already been married. But you should know that such ceremony can`t be “official” one. It will be just a fake ceremony that will mean nothing!


Some couples share how they`re happy after their weddings in secret. But still, a lot of people think that if you think or even feel the need to get married without anyone knowing, you`re just not ready and not mature enough to take such an important step in your life.

Remember, the secret wedding will be your official wedding. And prior to taking such a move, you have to think about it again and again.