Cool Ideas for Bachelorette Party


Many wedding couples will marry each other in the upcoming weeks. This means that a large number of bachelorette parties will be organised. In addition to the traditional bachelorette party activities, you can also choose something completely different and cool. In this article, we want to share some of the most original bachelor party ideas with you!



Do you already know the concept of glamping? This is a luxury variant of camping. Spend the night together in a number of tents, sit by the campfire until late night, and enjoy the nature around you. All this in a luxury tent that is fully equipped! This idea is perfect for nature lovers and travellers of all kind. 

Escape Room

The idea is simple: you and your friends are locked up in a room, and while time is ticking, you have to perform a number of tasks to escape. For example, get yourself imprisoned in the torture cellar or try to get away from the abandoned hospital. An exciting outing guaranteed. 

Burlesque dance workshop

This idea is reserved for true divas only. An afternoon or evening full of sexiness, humour and glamour which will release the inner diva within you and your friends. Consult the agenda of your cultural centre in the area, they can probably tell you more about the specific dates.


Is your friend a real selfie queen? Then go for a professional photoshoot, including make-up. All participants are first put in the make-up and then various shoots, both solo and from the group, follow. Experience what it’s like to be a model and finally score that perfect profile photo.

Chocolate workshop

Everybody knows that women love chocolate! Thus, this is a wonderful idea for a bachelorette party. During this workshop marzipan cops, chocolate lollies and bonbons are made. And, of cource, you’re dealing with all the cool and fancy stuff like chocolate liquor, fancy food coluring, desert sauses, eadible dust glitter, etc. Everything you make during this evening (and not eat it) can go home as a wonderful and edible souvenir.

Afternoon tea party 

To celebrate the bachelorette party, why not to organise an afternoon tea party in a “English lady” style? Cupcakes, cucumber sandwiches, macaroons and scones will complement the beautifully decorated table, and all guests will feel elevated thanks to such fancy decorations and food.

Travel party

A travel bachelorette party is now very popular. Go out to Ibiza, Barcelona or the Champagne region together. You don’t even have to go that far for a bachelor party on the move. Your city and area probably offer various, fun options for throwing an outdoor party. 

Kitchen princesses

Do you think that culinary tinted bachelor party is a good idea? If so, don’t hesitate to do it. From ‘taste test’ to ‘the perfect mousse in 5 steps’, nowadays you can go anywhere for a cooking workshop with friends. You will not only learn how to prepare one or more tasty dishes, but this original bachelor party will also ensure that you won’t go home hungry! Lucky you.

Friend’s T-shirt & Book

It’s often the women who look for fun ideas to remember the bachelor day. One of the ideas we came up with is the friends’ book along with custom t-shirt. Make a personalized t-shirt with your signatures and some fun and crazy drawings. And let everyone fill in the friends’ book with a nice photo of the day. Of course you can do this yourself, but there are also fun websites where you can make a custom t-shirt or a friends’ book for a bachelor party.   

A day at the spa

Organizing a wedding can be very stressful; the bride and groom want everything to be perfect, there are many things to prepare and they must not forget anything before the big day! So, why not offer to the future wife a day at the spa? A dose of relaxing with friends is always a good idea.

Creative workshop

Hand lettering is the combination of drawing and writing. The nice thing about it is: you can learn it! During a creative workshop, the bride and her friends will be given a pencil and paper to find their own style. If you are a bride, you will make unique creations and shake fancy letters from your pen. Take the opportunity to practice writing your envelopes. Talk about a useful and creative bachelorette day! 

We hope that our cool ideas for bachelorette party will inspire you to throw the best reception. After all, bachelorette party is only one per life.