Cozy Warm Outdoor Fireplaces You Absolutely Need


From perfectly charming to extravagant and sometimes necessary, an outdoor fireplace is the perfect place to gather with friends and family. Some prefer a small fire pit, and others feel like electronic amenities are a necessary part of the outdoor experience. Regardless, decide for yourself which outdoor fireplace gives you a few true house goals.

A Charming Fireplace

Not every outdoor fireplace is a cast iron fire pit filled with charcoal and logs. Furnish your backyard with comfortable furniture, a wooden coffee table, and a traditional fireplace. It creates a sense of intimacy and elegance, with plenty of room for company. The cooking functions are limited, but this charming outdoor fireplace is still functional while remaining gorgeous.

In and Out

If you live in a climate with both warm and cold seasons just a few months apart, you need something that is dually functional for any season. Therefore, your outdoor fire pits or fireplace faces both the inside and outside of the porch should be made of clear glass and have accessibility from either side. With a porch furnished on either side, your family and friends can enjoy this fireplace rain or shine.  

Warm and Comfortable

If you have a multi-level deck in your backyard, you may want to consider installing a standard fire pit on the lower level.  With this design, your guests can rest on either side of the porch, and the fire pit becomes a warm focal point of your backyard. Trying a built-in bench around the fireplace, along the edge of the fence, with cozy pillows.

Feng Shui

Some of the best materials for a fire pit is stone or clay, and in this design, this rustic and lasting material becomes the focal point. Create a base of gravel and small stones onto which you place large cushions (think of a bohemian vibe), adding rustic wooden tables. This fire pit is rather like a large clay bowl, and the whole look is very natural and forgiving.

Autumn Tradition

While there are nearly endless ideas for fire pits and outdoor fireplaces, you can always go with a more traditional, simple set up. Create a square fire pit made from bricks or stones, giving it a vintage, rustic look. Pair this new warm gathering place with wooden or picket chairs, and small wooden tables. This look is simple and easy, and can fit any home’s overall design.

A Few Tips

Remember to cover your fire pit when it isn’t in use, whether this means a fire-resistant tarp or a fireplace grate. Make sure that your investment remains protective and functional. Keep seating at a minimum of 3 feet from the fire, and consult your local utility companies to make sure that, if you need to dig, nothing goes wrong. Decor tip: white birch logs work best for a gorgeous, aesthetic look, but do not be pressured to use a specialty wood when function is more important to you.

The best part about an outdoor fireplace is how well it can match your home, your budget, and your personal style. These warm gathering places are great for a summer family barbecue or a warm autumn night with cider and pumpkin pie. Ask company over, get cozy by the fire, and make memories to last a lifetime.