Creative Interior Design: 4 Rooms in Your Home That Need a Special Touch 


Across the United States, homeowners spend between $2,000 and $12,000 a year on interior design. And this doesn’t even factor in DIY costs for materials. But if you look around your home, you probably have several rooms that could use a little bit of TLC. 

As with most homeowners, many only pay attention to the main rooms of the home such as the living room and kitchen. But the fact is, every square inch of your home is fair game when it comes to interior design. 

Perhaps you have a new baby on the way and you want to design a nursery. Or maybe your bathrooms are a bit lackluster and you want to spruce them up a bit. No matter what your design needs are, you can achieve the look and feel of what you want by using some very simple but creative methods. 

Here, we’ll explore 4 rooms in your home that could likely use a makeover through creative interior design.


Your bathrooms are private spaces for whoever enters them and shuts the door. Though we’ll skip over what goes on in a bathroom, the overall feel of a bathroom is important for anyone who enters to freshen up.

Bathroom space is supposed to be both functional and elegant. And it should offer you both privacy and comfort. But this doesn’t mean that it needs to go without a little creative flair. 

A few ideas for your bathroom space are as follows:

  • Sliding barn-style doors
  • Glass doors 
  • Soft pastel colors
  • Space-saving shelving 
  • Sloped shower floors
  • Large mirrors for depth 

Though the above list is only the tip of the iceberg, by incorporating only a few of these elements, you’ll have plenty to work with in order to make your bathroom a place that you’ll never want to leave. 


If you have a basement, chances are it’s either turned into a dusty, cobweb filled junk room, or a storage space that adds little to no charm or appeal. But just because you have a basement that nobody can see doesn’t mean that you can’t make it intriguing or useful.

Once you’ve cleared the clutter out of your basement, it’s time to make it functional. And you can do this by adding shelving along the walls, and by closing off any gaping holes or unsightly areas such as exposed pipes or unfinished ceilings.

Once you’re finished making it functional for storage, consider painting using inviting colors that will serve to relax anyone who might enter. And though a basement is often a dark or spooky area of the home, it can still be livened up a bit. 

You may also consider hanging large mirrors to add depth, or turn your basement into a rec-room by adding a few elements of comfort. 


Attics can also be a bit scary. Just like a basement, an open attic space can serve a variety of purposes. And one notorious attribute of an attic is that they’re often unfinished. But if your attic doesn’t have floors and each time you enter you become lost in a sea of pink insulation, it’s time to remedy this problem. 

As mentioned, Americans spend thousands of dollars each year paying interior designers. But not many interior designers are accustomed to designing attic spaces. So if you’re in the mood for a DIY project, making an attic functional is the first step. 

You can make your attic functional by adding flooring, walls, and shelves. But once you’re finished with this, it’s time to add some lively paint and wall decor. And next time you have to go into the attic, you won’t need to bring backup with you. 

Garage Space

Your garage is probably the last area of the home where you’d expect to need a bit of creative design. But there’s nothing taboo about making your garage more cozy and inviting. 

When looking to brighten up a garage, consider installing windows just to let a bit of light inside, or mirrors to add depth. And you may even consider adding paint to the walls to give it a comforting feel as well. 

While your garage will likely serve a functional purpose for your vehicle, appliances, tools, and the like, you may also consider organizing your space by building shelves and hanging industrial artwork or wall sculptures that will give your garage a little personality. 

At the end of the day, there are probably more rooms in your home that could use a little creative design. But doing one room at a time and implementing the styles and elements that speak to you will give your home a bit more personality and a much more comfortable feel.