Digital Artistry: New Age Creativity


Technological evolution has had its impact felt in many fields with business being one of them. A product of this influence is the growing online presence of various startups. This is achieved by either having a social media presence or more commonly having a business website.

A business website or an e-commerce platform is a way of representation of the business on the online domain for access to many who lurk in these areas. Traffic is one important thing you need to always ensure the success of your online-based business. To gain this traffic the user experience on your platform needs to be exemplary.

You need to know what your guests want and give it to them while also coming up with measures to enhance their experience while on your site. There are several tweaks that you can make to your site to improve their experience and one of them is by focusing on the graphics or general display aspect of the site.


This is possible by procuring the services of a front end developer.

Front End Developer

A front end developer is a very significant professional in this age and helps in the design of the site. They focus on the display of information on the platform and ensure that it is in a format that you can easily comprehend. 

In short, their duty is focused on the conversion of data to the graphical interface by use of Javascript, HTML and CSS web technologies. These technologies are also referred to as their languages in this field.

With the growing need for websites and relevant technologies to run them, front end developers are in high demand in the market which seems to be growing by the day. The embrace of digital technologies requires suitable knowledge which these professionals possess.

If you want to consider this path know you are heading in the right direction with a median salary in the direction of $76000 and above annually. Another good thing is that you do not require employment to cut your teeth in this field. You can work as a freelancer to offer your services where needed or even start up your own front development company.

Front End Development Programming Languages

As earlier indicated, the front end developer uses some languages as their tools in their line of duty. Let us have a deeper look into these tools.

  • HTML 

The hyper text markup language is the standard tool for creation of web pages. This language contains a series of elements that describe the web page and browsers use these elements to display their content. This is an important tool that holds the stability of the page.

  • Javascript

Javascript is a key tool in web pages that enables the interactivity of the site in response to events such as user inputs. It supports programming styles such as event-driven, imperative and functional with application programming interfaces for text, dates, and arrays.

  • CSS

Cascading style sheets is the language that runs the presentation aspect of the platform and is important to its unique design and display.

A Front End Developer As A Digital Artist

Front end developers have earned the tag of digital artists due to the designing nature of their work. They need to come up with various frameworks for their jobs and go step by step in crafting the pages to make them unique and usable as the anted results. This is similar to art where you need to come up with an abstract idea then get the necessary tools and come up with a unique concept.

The similarities between a front end developer and an artist are striking especially when it comes to conceptualizing their ideas which is an essential part of their work. So the tag of a digital artist is well befitting in this case.

Getting Front End Development Skills

If you have an interest in this field then you need the right skills to see you through. You may get the basics of front end development from websites, blogs and even YouTube videos which introduce you to the field. In such a case you need to be self-driven and wit the passion to make it.

If you want to get professional then you may go towards the front end developer learning path and pick a suitable course. There are many sites that offer classes on this discipline and you need to pick the best to see you through. An example is the Bitdegree front end developer’s curriculum.

You can take the classes either part-time or online which is flexible particularly if taking it as a second course. As part of the module, you get to learn about coding, the development languages and many more on your path to becoming a proficient developer.

Front end development is a worthy path considering the growing need for websites by businesses. The websites need to have a user-friendly interface promising guests an enhanced experience. Front end development comes through to offer design services for the webpage and give it a unique look. 

The developer is like an artist with the task of coming up with a unique page to make the site stand out. If you have interest in this path then you can go for lessons from credible institutions or sites.