Do you suffer from love anxiety?


Even though the anxiety caused by love relationships does not look like a serious problem it can turn into something very big if you are not capable of recognizing the symptoms of the early stages. Drop by drop, the glass can be filled in no time. The insecurity from the previous relationships and experiences can bring the same to every new one that you begin and eventually destroy it. However, if you pay attention at your behavior you can easily spot it and work on it in order to cure it. The good news is that there is a cure for everything, so for it. What is more important is to have a great will to overcome it.

Therefore if you find the following descriptions familiar, you should consider working on its solution. The sooner the better before the problem turns into something huge.


You feel absent. You might be physically present, however the love anxiety makes you feel more and more emotionally and mentally absent. Do not let your mind and brain play with you and make scenarios that can possibly happen. The majority of them are even unlikely to happen, so, save time and energy and focus on the present moment.

You do not trust your partner. The anxiety is a fear of losing control. When you feel anxious remind yourself that you are the only one who controls your life. An anxious partner is the one who tends to be jealousy and insecure. If this is the case with you, you will probably call your partner a hundred times a day. You might even text them acting like a drama queen or you will have the urge to see him just to make sure he is all right. This is pure invasion of the privacy of the other person. This situation can easily lead to discomfort even a break up.

You overthink everything. The people who suffer from love anxiety tend to overthink and over analyse everything. There is no way to know how the other person feels about you if you do not clearly speak with them. Stop guessing and inventing whatever. Speak with your partner instead because the chances to plot scenarios that will never happen are huge, therefore you spend precious time in vain. However, this habit can not change overnight. It is time consuming and requires effort and especially will. You will need to practice calmness. However, the result will be amazing. You will turn into a completely new and different person.


You take everything personally. It’s not always you. It’s not all about you. But the people tend to jump to conclusions and more often than not, they come with a wrong conclusion. There will be days when your partner might act distant or simply different. However, he might be facing some problems that do not even include you. But you prefer overthink it all or even get mad. That way you only put oil to the fire. Ask him what’s going on instead. Again, the conversation is the key to everything. The more you communicate the less problems you will face.