Which Elements Make For The Best Luxury Spa Resort Experience?


One thing that all great beachfront resorts have in common is a great spa. But what separates luxury spa resorts from spas that are just okay? As it turns out, there are a number of factors that work together to create an amazing spa experience.

If you’re looking for a luxury spa that’s worth every penny, keep an eye out for the following signs you’ve found a good one.

Enhanced Spa Equipment

We’d like to start with something that isn’t usually on the spa resort radar but should be. The equipment used by the spa can make a huge difference in terms of the results of a treatment and general comfort.

A spa that invests in enhanced equipment like an electric facial table is going to win many repeat customers. They allow the client to get into a comfortable position and make it easier for the aesthetician to do their job. But this is just one example of how spa equipment can make a difference.

Before booking an appointment, look at the spa’s website to see if they mention the type of equipment that’s used. If you can’t find that information, call and ask the receptionist.

Service Selection

The service selection is also going to make a huge difference. Most spas cover the basics like facials, manicures, pedicures, and massages. But there are a lot more services available, and the ones that a spa selects says a lot about their establishment.

There are two key elements that should be considered. Those two things are the efficacy of the services and the innovation of the services. Spas that mainly offer services with low satisfaction ratings or services that haven’t proven to be effective should be avoided. Likewise, you’ll want to keep looking if a spa offers outdated services that have been replaced by better options.

RealSelf.com is a great resource for determining which spa services provide the best value. Users have submitted thousands of detailed ratings on skin treatments, lasers, fillers and more.

Spa Personnel

The people performing the services are equally important. You can have cutting-edge services and the best spa equipment in the world, but that won’t make a difference in the hands of a subpar aesthetician.

Spa aestheticians have a very critical job that can affect your health and appearance. An aesthetician that is ill trained or doesn’t follow safety protocols can end up doing more damage than good.

There are also aestheticians that lack “bedside manner” as they say in the medical world. They could be a little too blunt on their assessments or too chatty during a service that’s supposed to be relaxing.

Make sure the spa’s aestheticians are certified or licensed in your state. Keep in mind licenses and certifications have to be renewed regularly. It’s even better if the spa has board-certified dermatologists on staff that can perform services and oversee the work of the aestheticians. 


All the extras at the spa can also make a difference in regards to the overall experience. The bathroom alone can make or break how you feel about the visit, especially if you have to clean off after a service.

Spas that go above and beyond with a comfortable waiting room, a complimentary beverage, high quality towels and easy parking are typically the ones that fall into the luxury category.

Good Reviews

This day and age, you can always get a feel for how good a resort spa is by reading reviews. Other patrons can give you a better idea of what you can expect inside the spa, the quality of the services and which aestheticians are the best.

Of course, not all reviews are created equal. Some are clearly fake 5-star ratings written by the company while others are hyper critical for reasons completely unrelated to the spa experience. Look for reviewers that provide details and/or pictures from their spa visit.

Each person has their own priorities when it comes to spa treatments. Use the factors above as a starting point for finding a business that will provide a luxury spa resort experience that’s second to none.