Everything you need for a campervan holiday


You’re on day two of your campervan holiday, your phone’s run out of battery and it’s time to recharge. You look in your bag and realise you’ve left your charger on the bedside cabinet at home!

There are so many things to remember when going away, it’s easy to forget something you really need. Luckily, a campervan’s got more space than your average car, so it’s easier to compartmentalise everything, rather than squeezing things into every corner until your vehicle’s at bursting point. Here are some of the must-not-forget essentials…

First on the list…

Your important documents. If you’re going abroad, don’t forget your passport. But wherever you go you’ll need to bring your driver’s license with you, plus your campervan documents, and you don’t want to leave home without your campervan insurance papers

Also, very high on the list should be spare keys. Should anything happen to the main set you’ll be totally stranded without your spares, and that’ll be one ruined holiday! And don’t forget your bank card. Turning up with no money would be a disaster.


We use them so often in life that we don’t even realise we’re using them half the time. So here’s a checklist of all the electricals you’ll need…

Camera and charger

Mobile phone and charger

GPS system

Power bank

Hand-held gaming system


Plug adapters

Electric hookup cable 

Tablet / laptop

You also might want to sort out a playlist in advance for the long drive, to start your holiday in style.

Kitchen essentials

It won’t be a holiday without fine cuisine, and you’ll want to prepare your favourite dishes while you’re away. So for starters, don’t forget the dishes! Also remember pots, pans, cutlery, glasses, kitchen knives, potato masher, tongs and so on. Check your gas bottles have plenty in the tank, and that you have everything you need for cleaning dishes. Oh, and don’t forget the food, otherwise all these items will be rendered useless!


As with all vehicles, it’s a good idea to have high visibility jackets and a triangle in case of breakdown at an inopportune spot. A first aid kit is also important, as are the locks for the campervan (you don’t want to head off for a walk and find it gone on your return!).

Sun essentials

Summer holidays mean sun hats and sunscreen of course, but they also mean remembering all the things that’ll help you enjoy the hot weather. A camping table and chairs will provide alfresco dining, while sun loungers, frisbee, football, cricket set and surfboard are all optional extras that might add a bit of fun and relaxation to proceedings.

Campervans provide a real sense of freedom. You can stay in any corner of the country you like and explore new places in the process. So long as you make sure you have everything you need before you go, you’ll be sure to have a fab holiday.